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A lot of people wonder how to tell if you are an alcoholic or addict, or if “a friend” might be. There is literature from 12-Step groups that helps provide answers to this, but there are some others that our OC drug rehab finds pretty universal as well.

How to Tell If You Are An Alcoholic or An Addict

Have You Faced Negative Consequences For Drinking or Using?

If you have faced negative consequences for drinking or using, and you continue to drink or use, that is a good indicator that there may be a problem. When the nature of these consequences escalates, the chances of there being a problem go up with it.

Most people who act like idiots generally think “Wow. I’ll never do that again…” They don’t generally think, “What’s with these people?”

Have Your Relationships Been Hurt By Your Drinking or Using?

The normal person doesn’t have their relationships impacted by their drinking or using because they don’t get to a point where they act irresponsible, malicious, or just stupid. But all too often, we take perfectly good relationships, and ruin them with our drinking and using.

Are You Questioning if you’re an Addict or Alcoholic?

Most so-called “normies” never consider this question because it doesn’t apply. If we are wondering if there is a problem, then it is reasonable to assume that there have been situations that have come up with evidence suggesting that.

Sure, we might blame it on our families, our jobs, our friends, and so forth, but the chances are that they are not part of some global conspiracy to keep you from “having a good time.”

In fact, it is probably greater that your “good time” is nothing short of a nightmare for everyone else if you are an alcoholic or addict. At that point, who could blame those around us from wanting us to give up the drinking and/or drugs?

Would You Care If Drinking Or Using Was Taken Away?

Normal people generally don’t care if they were told they could no longer drink or use, lest they die. Addicts and alcoholics, on the other hand, will fight tooth-and-nail. There will be questions of, “Can I have one more,” “What if I had one more,” “Are there any exceptions,” and other equally meaningless questions when, in reality, the conclusion is the same: just don’t do it.

There are many ways how to tell if you are an alcoholic or addict–how did you know?

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