449 Recovery is a mental health treatment center for individuals who suffer from maladaptive coping skills such as addiction. Located in beautiful mission Viejo, CA, our program is CARF accredited and DHCS licensed, offering PHP (partial hospitalization) and IOP (Intensive Out Patient). Our goal is to integrate our clients back to the community at an improved level of functioning, using objective evidence-based treatments.

Our team of therapists and counselors develop authentic relationships by listening to your story. We encourage you to tell your story and listen to better understand you, your life experience, journey and memories. We foster change through our whole person-centered approach to help you through the healing process.

By understanding your needs, we focus on helping you heal in a safe, family-oriented environment as we provide care for the whole person – body, mind and spirit.


If you need our services, we do an evaluation and recommend the most appropriate level of care and type of treatment to best fit your needs. Whether that is mental health treatment, drug and alcohol detox, partial hospitalization (PHP) or intensive outpatient (IOP) levels of care, we will get you the best help available to you and your loved ones. Our services are covered by most insurance plans which makes care more accessible.

We provide each person with caring and compassionate support. Our program teaches you the skills you need to cope with daily life stressors.

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To provide you with the support and care your need, we assign a therapist, counselor, and psychiatrist to interface with you on a weekly basis. Our mental health program focuses on providing intervention to help you regain functional ability.

We offer group therapy sessions to augment your healing process. We encourage participation in our behavioral health therapy group sessions that specialize in mental health, coping skills, trauma, experiential, vocational, and holistic emphasis. You choose the groups that align with your healing needs. Our programs are balanced with structure and enriched with enjoyable activities for you.
We are dedicated to enhancing mental and behavioral health through innovation and service.

Focused on paying sensitive attention to your needs. We individualize your treatment to address your needs and symptoms.

You can depend on our caring and qualified team of professionals to help you navigate your behavioral problems and be with you during the process.

Working with your insurance plan to provide the services you need without unnecessary cost to you.

An accredited and licensed facility that provides a safe environment where your confidentiality is assured.

449 Recovery practices evidence-based care as a core.  We consistently engage with mental health experts, leading organizations, and clinicians to gather the best resources for the treatments we offer.


Each client will have a therapist and case manager. They will meet with them one time per week at a minimum. Each client will also meet with the psychiatrist one time per week. Each client will engage in group therapy sessions ranging from process groups, trauma-focused groups, experiential groups, vocational groups, 12 step orientation groups, spirituality groups, etc.

449 offers a multitude of groups, and clients have the option to choose which groups they’d like to attend on any given day.

Phase 1:
Mon-Fri, 9am – 4pm

Phase 2:
Mon-Fri, 9am – 12pm

Phase 3:
Mon, Wed, Fri, 9am – 12pm