It is the policy at 449 Recovery to always observe the confidentiality of our clients with the following exceptions to confidentiality including, but not limited to, reporting child, elder or dependent adult abuse, expressed threats of violence towards an ascertainable victim and where the client’s mental or emotional state becomes the issue in a legal proceedings. The organization observes all federal and state laws with regard to maintain the confidentiality of our clients (Compliance with 42 CFR) the organization adheres to all HIPAA standards.


  • All clients receive and sign a “Consent to Services” agreement that outlines a Statement of Confidentiality.
  • Clients are informed of their confidentiality rights in the Client Handbook, which they receive at the time of admission.
  • Clients sign a Notice of privacy Practices document at the time of admission, which addresses the confidentiality provisions of HIPPAA.
  • All staff receive training and are competent to address confidentiality issues.
  • All group maintain strict confidentiality and counselors emphasize confidentiality guidelines as part of the group practice.
  • Staff may never remove client records from the site, except with permission of the Clinical Director or Chief Operating officer for chart audit purposes.
  • Client records may not be left open on staff desks or in staff offices or staff common areas.
  • Fax machines that receive confidential information must be safeguarded and not located in areas accessible by clients.
  • No client data may be released without appropriate documentation.
  • Client rosters and sign in sheets will be maintained in binders in areas inaccessible to clients or visitors.