449 Recovery is a mental health treatment center for individuals who suffer from maladaptive coping skills such as addiction. Located in beautiful Mission Viejo, CA, our program is CARF accredited and DHCS licensed, offering PHP (partial hospitalization) and IOP (Intensive Out Patient). Our goal is to integrate our clients back into the community at an improved level of functioning, using objective evidence-based treatments.

We transform lives by offering opportunities for recovery, wellness, and independence. Our team of staff members, counselors, and therapists foster change through our person-centered approach. We build authentic relationships focused on helping our clients heal from the emotional wounds experienced in life. You have a significant story to tell…and our company’s story is ready to be a part of yours.

If you or your loved one struggles with a mental health disorder and uses substances to cope. We can help.

Call us (855) 435-7449, we are available 24/7.

When you are ready to learn more about how to improve your life so that you can live fully without the responsibilities you carry, we know that the most essential thing we can do is listen. We handle you as an individual with a unique set of circumstances from the minute you contact us.

Sometimes life takes us on a path that we understand is unhealthy and prevents us from living the life we had envisioned. We recognize that reaching out can be challenging at times. Knowing what to expect can help many of us relax and comprehend our next moves. When you decide you need assistance, here’s what you can anticipate from us:

  • A personalized admissions process that assists you in determining whether we are the appropriate fit for you.
  • A private appointment with one of our knowledgeable admissions coordinators.
  • Talk about your finances and insurance.
  • A full clinical evaluation, including a review of your medical records.
  • An introductory meeting with a member of the clinical team.
  • Discussions with the admissions team about what you need to know about your arrival, treatment options, and what to expect from your program.

Please contact us. We can make the difference you’ve been looking for. Our goal is to assist.

449 Company Culture

A “Culture of Caring” is at the heart and soul of our mental health treatment center. It is rooted in an ethical standard of treatment that was once practiced and should be again: how people are treated during their stay with 449 is as important as the loving care that they receive.

Those who will come to our program are people in need of help. Though some of them are surviving on limited resources, they often exhibit great courage simply trying to get through each day.

Our Culture of Caring concept recognizes the strengths of those in need and also respects their dignity. We will seek to heal not only Mental Health disorders but also the disease of addiction.

Company Mission, Vision, and Core Values

Seek to understand and respect each person’s unique makeup, concentrating on mental, physical, relational, and spiritual well-being. Our company’s mission, vision, and goal is to be the final treatment facility a person requires before starting a life of health and wellness.

Our multidisciplinary team appreciates patient and staff health and wellness knowledge and regular practice of behaviors and beliefs that model and celebrate health and wellness. We think that well-being is more than how you feel; it is the labor of spiritual growth that is essential for healing.

We communicate freely and efficiently with our staff, patients, their families, and the community as a whole to achieve better health, vitality, and wellness.

We want to help and collaborate with patients to help them attain their full potential. We celebrate patients by helping them discover new ways of living, thinking, and being.

We understand the importance of re-establishing a community that is built upon a foundation of humanity, support, and collaboration. We appreciate working together as a team to re-establish patients’ experiences with building a community that facilitates growth and belonging.

We place a high value on delivering treatment and building relationships with patients and staff members who value transparency, honesty, and stability. We identify as suppliers of dependable and consistent safe practices that foster consumer trust and belief in the value and effectiveness of ethical and comprehensive therapy services and business operations.

High Quality, Affordable Treatment

The emphasis at 449 Recovery Center is on achieving positive outcomes. We focus our efforts on developing effective treatment regimens. Our personnel is regarded as industry leaders in the field of addiction treatment, and their creativity and determination are visible to each client.

We endeavor to keep recovery cheap for our clients as the greatest evidence-based addiction treatment facility California has to offer. No one should be forced to forego addiction treatment due to financial constraints. To accomplish this, we keep prices low and collaborate with the majority of big insurers to identify solutions that work for everyone. Check who we’re in network with to see if your therapy is covered.

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Love & Tolerance, Client-Centered, Caring Culture

After seeing the devastation and grief caused by mental and behavioral disorders such as addiction in their personal lives, they sought to make a difference in one life, one day at a time. With personal experience and a background in the treatment field, they set out to develop a different program – focused on love and tolerance, client-centered, and with a culture of caring.

With the help of Rodney’s wife, Susie, Vito’s parents, Catherine and Agostino, and his wife, Cindy, they forged ahead to build a program filled with warmth, compassion, and love. Beginning with a small group of clients, they have witnessed miracles and triumphs from the very start.

Transitional Living and Sober Living Options

449 Recovery is not a sober living environment. We work with preferred local sober living partners to make sure our clients are safe and comfortable during their outpatient addiction treatment.

Especially during the early stages of recovery, this quote is used to help recovering people learn to handle their expectations regarding family and other significant personal relationships. Additionally, this quote helped one of the founders, Rodney Robinson, to reengage with his own family during his embryonic recovery period. The page number was found in the third edition of the Big Book.

Understanding what our treatment facility means requires someone to understand the founder behind the center. Simply put, the name of the recovery center is brought from a page number in a book. On this page lies a quote. This quote is one of the most widely used and applicable quotes from the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Currently, the quote has been moved to page 417 in the latest edition of the book. However, because of its significance in changing the outcome of his recovery and his life, it will always be dedicated to Rodney Robinson.

Become the person you were always meant to be.

Our organization has a singular goal. It can be summed up in our mission statement which reads:

“We will open our eyes to see those who feel discarded, open our hearts to feel the pain some want to hide and reach out our arms to let them know that they are not alone. In doing this we hope to change a life, one choice and one day at a time, and in the process, heal ourselves.”

Our outpatient center is highly effective. One of the largest reasons for this is that the alumni of our program are allowed to stay involved by coming back to serve those who are just entering the program. This approach to giving back makes us unique and is what creates our family environment.

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Rodney Robinson


Our Co-Founder

In Loving Memory of Rodney Robinson. 449 Recovery remains dedicated to his vision.

Rodney earned his master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Alliant International University. He was employed in the capacity of Group Supervisor in the mental health ward for the State of California Youth Authority for several years. He has spent a good portion of his career working with addicted adolescents and their families at the Positive Action Center, located at Chapman Medical Center, and as a Clinical Director for Coastal Mountain Youth Academy.

Over a 10 year period of time during the 1990’s, he was employed at Focus Health Care, the most successful treatment program in the country at the time. Rodney was a member of the team of clinical intake assessors who contributed to this success by creating one of the highest conversion rates ever seen in that company in terms of getting people into treatment and then obtaining and sustaining long-term sobriety.  During his stay at Focus Health Care, he was promoted into the lead administrator role and these efforts resulted in an ownership stake in the company which was eventually sold for $96,000,000.

Recently, Rodney’s contribution as Program Director at Ocean Hills Recovery, a leading drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in Southern California, has produced success rates in long-term sobriety of almost 80% consistently over several years.  He also contributed to retaining clients and long term relationships with clients which produced results in revenues that were nearly triple the size of what the company had seen in its existence before Rodney took on his role of Program Director.

Rodney’s skills were vast in his ability to direct employees in a positive and self-supporting modality and create an extremely high rate of employee morale in his workplace.  His experience in the mental health and substance abuse recovery field covers almost 30 years’ time.  His abilities as a therapist in the drug and alcohol treatment field are evident in the vast success rates seen in his clients.  His expertise in business has been consistently proven through his contributions to revenue production seen in every company he has worked for and managed.

In his private practice, his clients have included several well-known actors, a Hall of Fame Director, Major League Baseball players and National Basketball Association members in the chemically dependent and dual diagnosis populations. He has been the subject of numerous radio, newspaper and television interviews and has had a portion of his life depicted in the feature film When a Man Loves a Woman.

Rodney is survived by his wife, Susie, 5 children and 3 grandchildren.

Our Two-Part Philosophy:

The first is the belief that healing begins with a word at the door or over the phone to invite him or her in, take an interest in their life, and offer them the dignity and respect that often has not been shown elsewhere.

The second is the recognition that perhaps the greatest healing ultimately does not only go to the people who come to the facility but also to the families whose lives are changed. So no one is left behind to cry themselves into despair and hopelessness. In building this program we aim to create something that simply does not exist in this world.

We are here to bring hope to the hopeless. We are here to bring opportunity to those who feel their loss. We are here to bring peace to those who have turmoil. We are here to give back to those who have taken so much from themselves.

We believe in healing the family as well as the individual we are treating. We are here to provide all those who want recovery and the opportunity to begin the process of regaining their lives.

In short, we’re a Mental and behavioral health treatment program that is designed to help the family and the individual in need of recovery.

“And acceptance is the answer to all my problems today. When I am disturbed, it is because I find some person, place, thing, or situation — some fact of my life — unacceptable to me, and I can find no serenity until I accept that person, place, thing, or situation as being exactly the way it is supposed to be at this moment. Nothing, absolutely nothing, happens in God’s world by mistake.”

– Page 449 of the third edition of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous