449 Recovery

is a 90 day, co-ed mental health treatment center for individuals who suffer from maladaptive coping skills such as addiction. Located in beautiful mission Viejo, CA, our program is CARF accredited and DHCS licensed. Our goal is to integrate our clients back to the community at an improved level of functioning, using objective evidence-based treatments.

We transform lives by offering opportunities for recovery, wellness and independence. Our team of staff members, counselors and therapists foster change through our person-centered approach. We build authentic relationships focused on helping our clients heal from the emotional wounds experienced in life. You have a significant story to tell…tell your story!

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Six Unique Benefits of Self-awareness in Your Life

Ever wonder if self-awareness can benefit your life? Wonder no more. For centuries self-awareness has been promoted through the generations. It is a philosophy of knowing yourself to grow, change, and heal. If you do not know yourself how can grow, be happy with being with yourself or being with anyone else for that matter.

How to Create Self-awareness and Improve Your Life

The reason self-awareness and self-discovery are important to your life is it helps you be a happier more productive person both at work and at home. However, becoming self-aware is not a painless journey. You will have to examine some painful moments in your life. But, acknowledging those painful memories will help you become self-aware

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