449 Recovery during COVID-19

449 Recovery during COVID-19 449 Recovery follows Federal, state, and local government, CDC, and WHO guidance. The World Health Organization World Health Organization Website → Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Center for Disease Control Website → What You Do If You Are Sick → The California Department of Public Health California Department of Public

Personality Disorder

What is personality disorder? First, we need to understand that personality is the way we think, function, and behave. A personality disorder is a mental disorder or illness whose nature is so rigid that the person has trouble identifying and relating to circumstances and other people, reacting emotionally, and controlling their behavior. Some people with

Co-occurring Disorder

A co-occurring disorder, formerly known as a dual diagnosis, is when a patient has two different health issues occurring at the same time. It is often thought to be a mental illness and substance abuse disorder, but it can also refer to other combinations of conditions. One could experience a mental health illness and personality