Many people suffer from seasonal depression and I don’t mean the holidays. Seasonal depression happens as the season changes from summer to late fall into winter.

As our seasons change the days become shorter and colder. With less sunlight, it can trigger seasonal depression. So, how do you cope with seasonal depression?

There are four things you can do to combat seasonal depression.

First, there is light therapy. Purchase a “sun” light such as Verilux or Carex Health. The Mayo Clinic has a great guide to light therapy. It will help you know what to expect and how to get the most out of light therapy.  These lights depending on the brightness may only require 15 minutes of your time a day. You can use them in the bathroom, at your desk, wherever you are comfortable using it.

Second, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can teach you how to cope not only with seasonal depression but also anxiety, depression, and more. It can help you find better ways to cope with your triggers.

Thirds, exercise and small changes in our behavior can help a great deal. Just getting out of the house and staying active can help reduce seasonal depression and anxiety. Exercise also reduces blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight.

Fourth, anti-depressant medication if the other three do not work or do not work enough. Speak to your doctor or therapist about anti-depressant medication. It is important to add antidepressants if you need them. Doing the first three will help your dosage of antidepressants to be lower than if you were not doing the other three steps.

Using these tips can reduce your seasonal depression and have you back to enjoying life. At 449 Recovery, our therapists can help you with your treatment plan. Contact us today 855-735-7449