The pandemic for the past two years has many of us anxious and stressed. Especially since every day we hear contradicting things on the vaccines and masks from the same people. How can we not be stressed and anxious?

And now it is the holiday season again. Now you have to start thinking about family dinner, vaccinations, and masks. As if you aren’t asking yourself a half dozen questions already, such as get vaccinated or not, wear a mask or not? It is truly enough to overwhelm even the strongest of us.

Now the store shelves are empty in many places of various things. So how are you going to cope with all this?

Create a plan

Plan for mental health

Create a plan for mental health by speaking to your therapist, schedule extra visits if needed.

Get plenty of sleep, exercise, and eat healthy foods. It is incredible how much those three things can do to improve mental health. They all reduce anxiety, stress, and depression. Exercise also lowers blood pressure. Surround yourself with positive people.

A plan for substance abuse

Planning for substance abuse recovery during the holidays will take a little effort, but you can do it.

  • Attend extra meetings
  • Exercise and eat healthy foods
  • Surround yourself with sober friends
  • Attend only a select few dinner parties or family gatherings
  • Know your triggers
  • When you begin to feel stressed or anxious, it is probably time to leave.

Lower expectations

Lower your expectations of what the holiday season should be. It does not have to be constant parties. Let’s face it, we all have that one or two relatives that just stress us out. If you are not up to dealing with them, plan your own dinner party and invite only the closest family and friends who understand your recovery process.

You can show off your cooking skills or have it catered. You can also do less fancy and make finger foods such as sandwiches, chips, and vegetable trays. It is about spending time with those we love without creating stress and anxiety.

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