Yes, it is that time of year, the holidays are just around the corner. Now is the time to go over your plan or make your plan for the holiday season and sticking to your sobriety.

The parties, shopping, trips, money, expectations, and even memories can trigger a relapse. The past couple of years have added to those the uncertainty of the Covid19 pandemic.

To deal with those triggers, start preparing your plan and yourself for the holiday season. The strategy and preparing yourself can help you stay sober instead of relapsing.

Tips for a safe and healthy holiday season

Here are some tips that you can work into your plan or start your plan with for the holidays.

  • If you have gone through recovery, you already know, for those new to recovery, part of the plan is focusing on who, what, where, that could trigger relapse for you. Identify, acknowledge, and plan accordingly. During the holiday season, there will be plenty of parties and events. Planning for those may mean going to a meeting before or after the party, bringing your sponsor with you, and setting up someone in recovery to be available for phone calls in case you need to talk things out. Bring your own car. Taking your car is vital because when you want to leave, you do not want to be waiting for someone else who could cause you stress and temptation.
  • Avoid risks. Every family has them the aunt, the uncle, the cousin who does not understand recovery or no alcohol and keeps trying to hand you a glass of wine. You do not need to be around these people, avoid them. It could be tricky, especially if they are generally invited to the family party, dinner, or event but ask your family to help you out with those you need to avoid, or you will have to steer clear of the whole occasion for this year.
  • Take time for yourself. Meditate, eat healthy meals, exercise, get plenty of sleep, whatever it takes to protect and feed a healthier you. Taking time for you can also be used at events and parties, step out of the room, even step outside for a few minutes to meditate, do deep breathing exercises, to lower the stress level, and remove yourself from temptation. However, you can only duck temptation for so long before removing yourself from its path.

At 449 Recovery, we can help you learn the tools and techniques you need to evaluate, understand, and plan for the risk of the holiday season. Call us today (855) 435-7449 to learn more about our recovery programs, including detox.