You survived Thanksgiving. Be proud of your accomplishment! Take a day to pamper yourself with a home spa day. That’s right; you deserve it. Invite sober friends and do hand massage, facial scrub, etc., for each other. Here is a site for ideas for both men and women.

 Are you ready to do battle once again with Christmas right around the corner?

This time of year is hard on those with mental health issues and addiction recovery. However, the past two years have been twice as bad with the pandemic thrown in the mix.

Tips to help you survive Christmas

The same tips you used for Thanksgiving will work with Christmas. But, here are a couple of other tips that will help reduce some of the stress levels.

  • Gift-giving does not have to be expensive or even come from the store. You can make your own gift certificates with paper and a pen or printer. Give the gift of things you can do, such as dog walking, car washing, shoveling snow; you get the idea.
  • Make things like cutting boards, coasters, frame pictures you have taken whatever your passion is, use it to make gifts.
  • Exercise such as yoga or Tia Chia can help you practice meditation and calm, smooth movements.

For anxiety

  • Avoid sugar in over-processed junk foods.
  • Keep up your regular exercise routine.
  • Play relaxing music.
  • Talk to a therapist who understands your situation.

For recovering addicts

  • Know your triggers and have an escape plan
  • Take your nonalcoholic beverages

Most of all, get plenty of sleep, eat healthy foods, and continue to participate in therapy and 12 step programs. Also, have someone you can call if you feel you are in trouble.

You survived Thanksgiving; you CAN survive Christmas too! If you need support through the holidays, call 449 Recovery at (855) 435-7449 .