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Once we get some time under our belts, there comes a time when we hit a sort of lull in our recovery. One of the best ways to refresh recovery, and add a new sense of life, is to try something new. Here are some ideas of what to do when that lull happens, and we start getting restless in our recovery.

Refresh Recovery by Going to New Meetings

Sometimes refreshing our recovery is as simple as adding some new meetings to our normal ones—or replacing the ones we aren’t keen on any longer. Sometimes people just need exposure to something new to appreciate what they have, or just to find something better. There is nothing wrong with finding new meetings. These aren’t relationships. Your life depends on your sobriety, so why accept anything other than the best?

Refresh Recovery by Taking New Commitments

A new commitment can likewise refresh recovery. Sometimes it takes being of service to really appreciate what we are given. Commitments keep us coming back, and staying both visible and engaged in recovery and the Fellowship.

Refresh Recovery by Working with Someone New

Whether taking someone else through the Steps or going through them again with a new sponsor, sometimes it takes that new face and new perspective to really get us back into the spirit of recovery. Even old-timers have a lot to gain from going through the Steps with someone they haven’t gone through them with before. For some old-timers in particular, we need that shake-up every now and then to not fall into that lull in the first place.

Refresh Recovery by Going on a Panel

Of course, you can be of service in other ways, too. One of which is going on a panel. People who don’t get a chance to get out often really appreciate the breakup in their own routines, and it is helpful to the addict or alcoholic to remember that they aren’t far removed from being in those same shoes. It is a great way to get gratitude if you are in need of some. Plus, there is the meeting on the way to the panel and the meeting after the panel—both great times to Fellowship and talk about the experience.

If you haven’t done any one of these things, do so! It is only a matter of time before you starting thinking recovery is stale and boring!

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