449 Recovery is not a hand-holding treatment center. In other words, the work is not done for you, and if you are not truly ready and willing to change, 449 Recovery may not be the best option for you at this time.

However, if you want a place that emphasizes the fact that you are an adult who can be capable, reliable, and committed, just like adults who do not struggle with addiction, our treatment programs will enable you to thrive. At 449 Recovery, you will learn to stop using your energy on destructive habits. Instead, you will put your skills to work to create positive results and build a productive life.

You Are Capable

Despite any mental health or substance use disorders you experience, you have the ability to take care of yourself while fostering your own abilities and potential. However, you must also have the desire to use your intelligence, energy, and skills to promote health in all aspects of your life rather than dysfunction.

The power is within you. It is a matter of learning to do different things with the skills you have already demonstrated that you possess. After all, an individual who abuses substances has shown that they are able to access their problematic substances when they need them. This often requires them to get money, make connections, and intelligently avoid detection so that they can continue to use.

Each of these acts takes skills. These skills can be applied in other areas of your life to genuinely benefit you and allow you to create better opportunities for yourself and your loved ones. You can acquire the motivation, control, and knowledge that are necessary to use your skills constructively.

An important aspect of treatment at 449 Recovery involves having clients put this philosophy into practice. If you struggle with addiction, you are not a bad or incapable person. You are using your energy to continue an unhealthy lifestyle, but you have the ability to turn your life around and use your energy to build a life you can be excited about. If you share this mindset, 449 Recovery can help you achieve your goals.

You Can Develop Healthy Coping Skills

Individuals with substance abuse disorder often lack effective coping skills. Learning to cope properly and healthily is a huge part of addiction recovery. These skills in combination with the skills that you already possess can enable you to thrive in treatment and beyond. When you can handle negative feelings and situations in a constructive way, you can begin to use your skillset to achieve amazing results in your life.

It is not your fault if healthy coping skills do not come easily to you yet. Those who struggle with symptoms of untreated trauma, distress, and mental health disorders and were never taught proper ways to cope are much more likely to turn to substance use for relief. However, the relief experienced from substance use is temporary, and relying on substances for emotional regulation or behavior control usually causes serious long-term issues. Substance abuse is a direct result of a lack of coping mechanisms combined with other underlying factors.

Fortunately, as you go through treatment and increase your knowledge of ways to cope, you will be better equipped to manage your experience of the negative aspects of life. When you know a number of ways to handle your thoughts, emotions, and initial reactions, as well as ways to promote well-being when you are stressed, or angry, you will be able to find relief through healthy habits and be less likely to resort to using a substance.

Treatment Can Help

There are many forms of evidence-based treatments that help clients integrate back into their community at an increased level of function. Some of these treatments include:

  • Individual and group therapy
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)
  • Trauma therapy
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Family sculpting
  • Medication evaluation and management
  • Life skills training

Behavioral therapies help clients modify their attitudes, increase healthy life skills, and alter unhealthy habits.

Power From Within

At 449 Recovery, clients must understand that although there are vast resources of help and guidance available to them, no one can force them to recover, and no one can do the work for them. They have to need it and want it for themselves. They have to commit to doing the work. They need to believe in their own power and ability to change. Regardless of the resources and support they may use, the work is truly done by the client, both externally and internally.

Addiction is a chronic disease. No one in active addiction can simply wake up and decide to stop using substances. However, they can decide to change what they are doing to manage the underlying issues that are causing them to seek relief in substances. They must acknowledge that they can change their life by committing to make necessary changes to do better. Intensive therapy is a healthy way to learn the true power that one has within their own life and to put that power into action.

Recovery is possible, and you can achieve it. If you doubt your abilities or self-worth, 449 Recovery can remind you that you are not the bad things you have done or the negative choices you have made. You have the ability to create a different life for yourself and your loved ones by taking accountability for your actions and decisions.

At 449 Recovery, you can learn ways to cope, receive treatment for your underlying conditions, improve your levels of function, and put your energy, intelligence, and skills to work toward creating a better life. There is no weakness in seeking help. The work in recovery is done by the individual, and allowing yourself to access the resources and support available to you in treatment is a smart and responsible way to approach recovery. Evidence-based treatments and the development of coping skills are ways treatment can help you. However, you must do the work inside and outside of therapy to maintain your progress. Recognize that you have the power to change your reality, and start that process when you are fully ready to do so. If you are willing to commit to the treatment you need to turn your life around, call 449 Recovery today at (949) 435-7449.