If you are not ready to change and fully committed to recovery, 449 Recovery may not be the place for you. However, if you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, if you are ready to change the direction of your life through dedication and hard work, and if you are motivated to do what it takes to heal, 449 Recovery can help.

People who have the motivation and commitment for recovery can benefit greatly from the tools and resources provided by 449 Recovery to assist them along the way. A team of professionals will be focused on you and your healing, and they can help provide structure and direction for your journey. However, the work necessary for you to heal and recover must be done by you.

Core Values at 449 Recovery

At 449 Recovery, there is an emphasis on healing, wellness, independence, and authentic relationships. Our culture of caring creates an environment that fosters love, hope, and dignity. These values are especially important for a mental health center that has an individualized, client-centered approach.

Our mission statement is: “We will open our eyes to see those who feel discarded, open our hearts to feel the pain some want to hide, and reach out our arms to let them know that they are not alone. In doing this we hope to change a life, one choice and one day at a time, and in the process, heal ourselves.”

This speaks volumes about the core values of 449 Recovery. One of the most important aspects of treatment here is reminding people of their worth. Substance use disorders often involve people causing pain to themselves and others, but people in recovery are not defined by their past mistakes. They are beautiful humans who are capable, strong, and full of frustrated potential. Showing people that they are more than capable of creating and sustaining a better life is crucial, and it is one of the most rewarding aspects of working in mental health treatment.

Regardless of what you have done or been through, you will always be treated with dignity, respect, and compassion at 449 Recovery. We do not use a one-size-fits-all plan that erases the individuality of our clients. Different therapies and methods work for different people, and we work with each person closely to ensure their treatment is meeting their needs. Our treatment philosophy centers on getting to the underlying causes of an individual’s conditions and giving them direction and support as they heal and create a life more aligned with their goals, their happiness, and their wellbeing.

How to Know if You Are Ready for Treatment

The question of whether you are ready to commit to recovery can be difficult to answer. It is often easier to consider the signs that someone is not ready to commit to making these changes. If these apply to you, you might dig deeper into your reasons for wanting to seek help. Treatment at 449 Recovery will not work if you are not truly choosing it, but there may be other treatment centers that can help while you struggle with the motivation to sincerely change.

Below are some signs that indicate you may not do well at 449 Recovery:

  • A family member or friend is forcing you to seek treatment based on an ultimatum.
  • You are seeking treatment because you are required by law, not by choice.
  • A partner says that they will leave if you don’t start treatment right now.
  • You understand you have a problem, but you are unwilling to let go of your habits or learn new ones.

If you relate to those situations, you can still seek treatment! However, the level of independence and accountability involved with treatment at 449 Recovery can be harmful to people who are not yet fully willing and ready to change. If you are seeking treatment because someone else is forcing you or making the decision for you, treatment at 449 Recovery is likely not the best option for you. However, we would still be happy to connect you with other programs that may be more effective for you at this time.

If you do know that you are ready and willing to change your life and finally commit to change, you will thrive at 449 Recovery. We will take your desire to become a better version of yourself and give you support, encouragement, and guidance from a dedicated team so that you can make your vision a reality.

What to Do When You Know You Are Ready

When you are confident that you are choosing to start your journey to recovery for the right reasons and with positive intentions, look for a treatment center that values those aspects and allows them to propel you toward success. The search for treatment and therapy can be difficult and overwhelming. Fortunately, there are many resources available to help you find places in your area, like SAMHSA and FindTreatment.gov.

Speaking to treatment centers that are experienced in the field of mental health treatment is a good idea. 449 Recovery is available at any time to answer questions, as well as guide and insist in any way possible.

Sometimes it can be hard to tell whether we are truly ready to take the next steps in life. When we are on the edge of something, we often feel self-doubt and hesitancy. Even when we know what to do, it can be difficult to figure out exactly how to go about it. When you are considering seeking treatment, get in touch with your “why” so that you can have greater motivation and clarity. In the world of addiction of recovery, many times people seek help for reasons that result in failed attempts because they don’t realize the work starts from within. Even if you are not ready to commit to treatment yet, don’t hesitate to call 449 Recovery at (949) 435-7449. We want to help you regardless of where you are on your personal path, and we want you to feel free to reach out anytime.