Sit and ponder how your life was before you used substances. What motivated you? What goals were you working towards? What goals had you already achieved? Now that you are on the other side of recovery, any of those things are possible. Just because some opportunities in your life may have been put on pause during treatment does not mean that it has to be the end of the road for those aspirations!

Taking a different approach to life may involve shifting your goals, but it is nothing you can’t handle. One of the most exciting things about recovery is that sobriety allows you to take life by the horns again in a positive manner!

How to Reconnect With Yourself

While you were trying to establish your recovery, your life may have felt uncontrollable and chaotic. It is easy to feel as though we have lost ourselves to substance use. This is both normal and okay! Now that you are in recovery, it can be helpful to become more mindful of your needs and what makes you, you. Listen to your body and to the things that it is asking for. Taking time every day to meditate, even for just ten minutes, can help center yourself while understanding what you want and need in life. Spend time rediscovering what music you like and what television shows make you happy. Spend time outside connecting with nature and listening to the singing of birds. So many aspects of life are inspiring if only you pay attention to the details.

Create a Support System

Friends and family are central to your recovery success. It is so important to know that the people who love and care about you fully support you and your sobriety. It is also extremely helpful to build a support system for people who are also in recovery. Having people in your life who know what it feels like to go through the same recovery process that you did can guide you to staying on track during your healing journey. It sometimes can feel difficult to express your vulnerability about addiction to a family or friend who hasn’t been through the same thing, so having someone also in recovery can help empathize with how you are truly feeling.

Find Balance in Your Life

You may have lost your sense of balance in your life before recovery, and trying to create that for yourself can feel intimidating. Take time to be alone with yourself, and figure out what matters the most in your life. Balancing work, support groups for your recovery, friends, family, and self-care are all areas of life that should be well-balanced.

As a society, the narrative of productivity usually only equates to doing something. It can feel as though if we aren’t constantly contributing to society, then we are not worthy of things like rest. This narrative is not only false but can be harmful to one’s mental health. It is okay to rest whenever you feel tired, and it is okay to take a break from work and just exist. Check-in with yourself, and make sure you are not spreading yourself too thin.

Take Chances

Once in recovery, it may take some time to build the confidence to get back into the world. One of the most important things to remember is that you are worthy, and it is never too late to try new things or finish old ones! Many people have dreams of going to school to work in the career field they are passionate about. Other people want to pursue their art or music. Becoming a parent or adopting a dog! All of these things are achievable if you just put your mind to them! Life has so many opportunities out there waiting, and you just have to find them!

Launch Into Life

A common struggle among adolescents that are transitioning into adulthood during recovery is failure to launch. Leaving home to live independently can leave many young adults feeling overwhelmed and less than whole. It can cause them to clam up and start to isolate themselves from the rest of the world. These issues are important to address for one’s success in the long run. There is no guidebook on how to become a successful adult, and everyone is on their own timeline.

Regardless of your hopes and dreams, there is a path you can take to achieve them. Believe in yourself, and know that if you have the power to reach recovery, then you have the power to do anything! Be proud of what you have already accomplished, and be confident that you can achieve whatever you want in life!

What happens after recovery? How can you live your most fulfilling life after overcoming substance use? Take the time to reconnect with yourself, find out what matters to you and work towards that. Finding balance in your life and staying connected to friends and family is important. Build a support system with people who understand what you are going through and also went through recovery. Sometimes, the best way to be productive is to rest and recharge. Let your mind rest, and build confidence in knowing that you are good enough. Entering into the world again as someone sober may pose obstacles, but find comfort in knowing that you can handle them. Be patient with yourself and set out to achieve the goals you have in life. Unlock your full potential. Call 449 Recovery at (949) 435-7449 for more information.