Treatment in an intimate setting with compassionate people provides a more personalized experience and often results in better outcomes for people recovering from substance use disorder (SUD). Whether you are new to recovery or have previously attended programs, a genuinely welcoming facility like 449 Recovery can be your home away from home. We believe that everyone has the potential within themselves to achieve sobriety, and we can help you find the confidence and resources to cultivate that inner strength.

Environment Plays a Key Role in Recovery

Treatment facilities that encourage diversity, acceptance, and active participation in the recovery process provide more opportunities for you to grow and make positive changes. The environment plays a crucial role, and 449 Recovery strives to offer an ideal combination of comfort and security.

We understand that the recovery process is different for everyone, which is why we run a smaller facility. Clients have a unique one-on-one relationship with the entire staff and management. The home-like atmosphere of our facility makes it an excellent place for individuals who have never left their family before or those who have cycled through many centers with no lasting change. The one-on-one therapy and small group sizes make it feel more intimate.

The environment of a treatment center can impact the following:

  • Physical comfort
  • Stress levels and anxiety
  • Degree and type of care
  • Severity of symptoms

At 449 Recovery, we focus on the individual above all else and emphasize making long-term positive changes to behavior and thought patterns. You will be surrounded by compassionate people who care deeply about you and your recovery. We go the extra mile to help our clients build confidence and self-efficacy during rehabilitation to ensure the best possible outcome.

What Sets Quality Treatment Apart

According to an article about the influence of social relationships on substance use disorder recovery, “[T]o reach and maintain abstinence, it is important to maintain positive relationships and to engage self-agency to protect oneself from the influences of negative relationships.” The research reported that positive relationships with care team members create a better outcome for most clients. After all, you are more likely to actively participate in individual and group therapy if you connect with the clinicians, management, and support staff.

The intimate environment and personalized care set 449 Recovery apart from other facilities. We believe building safe and supportive relationships during recovery is an essential part of the process and lowers the risk of relapse, which is why we encourage peer bonding through shared activities and community events. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), “Peer support extends beyond the reach of clinical treatment into the everyday environment providing non-clinical, strengths-based support.” Peer relationships help clients stabilize and find the motivation to make long-term changes. Recovery from addiction is as much about mindset as it is about therapy.

Quality treatment centers do the following:

  • Provide truly personalized care
  • Ensure clients leave with the tools they need to maintain sobriety
  • Maintain an open line of communication between clients and clinicians
  • Offer evidence-based and alternative treatments
  • Create an active and supportive community
  • Keep accountability

The Levels of Care

Unlike some rehab centers, 449 Recovery provides access to multiple levels of care. We believe that clients find it easier to transition through the various levels of care if they work with the same trusted team of individuals.

We provide the same home-away-from-home experience during each level by ensuring the following:

  • Your preferred team members are only a phone call away
  • All clients have access to aftercare, continuing care, and alumni services
  • The same team works with clients through every level of care, including partial hospitalization (PHP), intensive outpatient (IOP), and outpatient care

In cases in which we do not have the resources to continue seeing clients through each level of care, our team will provide referrals to the best treatment facilities capable of accommodating your specific needs. You can trust us to give you only the best care and referrals.

Aftercare and Alumni Support

We treat our clients like family, and that relationship does not end when you leave after completing treatment. Some of the ways we continue to support our clients during aftercare include:

  • Referrals to private and community-based recovery resources
  • Advice on how to overcome unique challenges you may encounter
  • Crisis management if you call after being triggered or while experiencing intrusive thoughts
  • Information on local self-help and 12-Step meetings
  • Assistance locating housing, financial support, and job placement services

We care about you and your sobriety. You can find a home away from home at 449 Recovery.

Treatment for substance use disorder can be stressful. Fortunately, receiving treatment at a place that provides a close-knit community can greatly ease the stress of this process. Finding a facility that offers high-quality personalized care in a home-like environment should not be challenging, and 449 Recovery can help. We use a client-centered, trauma-informed approach to treatment that ensures everyone feels secure and welcomed. We encourage social connections and peer support by providing healthy spaces in which clients can share with one another and learn essential relational skills. Become a part of our inclusive and diverse community. We are here to help you achieve and maintain sobriety. Our facility offers a comprehensive treatment plan tailored to each person who attends our programs. To find out more about our services or to set up an admissions interview, call our office at (949) 435-7449 to speak with us today.