YAY!! You survive the holidays. Now what?

First, appreciate that you survived the holidays. Take a deep breath and enjoy your victory.

Now, it’s the start of a brand new year and time to plan for that year.

Write out your goals for the year. Break them down into smaller goals, one for each month. Maybe it is to save money or stick to your budget better. This goal can be broken down by pay period. Make a goal to save 10% of your pay or 20%. Put it in a saving account as soon as you get paid. If you can have that 10 or 20 percent automatically deposited into a savings account that is even better.

Another goal is to get fit. Again this can be broken into smaller monthly goals. One may be to walk two miles every day for a month, another monthly goal can be to attend a gym for a month.

You might consider learning new things. Again this can be broken down by books or classes to take. List 6 books to read throughout the year on the subject. Sign up for a class or two.

Giving back could be volunteering each month for your local charity or charities. The local food bank, shelter, animal shelter, etc. but if you can’t find any of those in your community ask the local churches if they have any outreach programs you can volunteer to help. It may be helping the elderly clean their home or yards or do repairs.

Your goals should be attainable and but not too easy. You want a small challenge but not enough to stress you out or cause anxiety. If you need to, start with easy goals and move up to slightly more challenging goals. You can adjust your goals as you go along so if you need to make them a little more or less challenging you can do that.

Just having a plan in place will relieve major stress and anxiety from your life.

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