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We hear about the opioid crisis in America all the time. The news continually gives negative headlines when it comes to opioids, the more sensational, the better. But, do you know the truth versus the myths of the opioid crisis?

Let’s take a look at the truth versus the myths.

Truth versus myths

Myth #1 all the news on the opioid crisis is just sensational hype.  

The truth: While the news has sensational negative headlines about opioids, this myth is false. The truth is we do have a crisis in America concerning opioids. The CDC has followed this crisis and found that one American dies every 13 minutes from an opioid overdose.

Myth #2 the doctor gave me a prescription for the opioid I am taking, so it must be safe. 

The truth: some circumstances require opioids such as after surgery or some chronic pain issues. However, opioids are the most used pain relievers that doctors prescribe. Since when they first came on the market, they were believed not to be as addictive as other pain relief medications. 

Myth #3 people who are addicted to opioids need to have more will power. 

The truth of addiction has nothing to do with will power. Addiction is a disease, and the longer a person has the habit, the more the brain changes when it comes to its ability to reason and think. 

Myth #4 the person’s doctor should not write that patient so many prescriptions for opioids. 

The truth an addicted person will doctor shop to get more than what their own doctor will prescribe them. An addict will do anything to get the pills they need, including stealing them. 

Myth #5, if you are careful, you can’t get addicted to opioids.

The truth as time goes on; the body will build up a tolerance level. Therefore you need to take a higher dose in order to feel the same pain relief. 

How can you cut down the use of opioid pain medications

You can cut down your consumption of opiate pain medications by using other therapies that are available such as:

  • Hot or cold packs
  • Meditation
  • Physical therapy
  • Massage therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Over the counter medications  including muscle rubs


If you are ready to stop the addiction, then you need a good recovery program. Attending a recovery program can help end the addiction and provide you the tools you need to continue recovery for life. 

Look for a program that has a closely monitored detox program. Ask what the therapies that they offer for opioid addiction. 

At 449 Recovery, we have a continuously monitored detox program and several therapies that include individual, family, and group. Call us today (855) 435-7449 to learn more about our recovery treatment center. Here at 449 Recovery, we believe that each patient has the right to acquire the tools they need to not only achieve recovery but to sustain their recovery and reduce the risk of relapse throughout their life.