If you look around nowadays at the people on their phones or tablets and social media, it is not hard to believe that internet addiction is real. It seems internet addiction is being debated around the world.

Problematic internet usage has become a growing social issue that can cause real difficulties; neurological obstacles, psychological disorders, and social struggles that ruin lives.

Why and how is the internet addicting

Content creators use the flight or fight responses with alerts to weather, natural disasters, and violence to grab the user’s attention and keep it. Another example is social media with followers, friends, and likes. Unfortunately, too many people become isolated from real-world relationships and connect online 98% of the time with people they have never met.

The internet has become so prevalent that many people no longer carry on conversations with their voice but instead online or text messages on their phones.

Signs of internet addiction

There are signs to watch for concerning internet addiction. Someone must have at least five of the symptoms, and these include:

  • A fixation with the internet, thinking about what you will do or sites you will visit
  • Believing you need to spend more time online
  • The inability to reduce time spent online even though you are trying to reduce your internet time
  • Being irritable, moody, or having depression when internet usage is limited
  • Putting the internet ahead of your job or relationship endangering your career or relationship
  • Being dishonest about the amount of time you spend online

Other signs you may be addicted to the internet

Here are a few more signs that you have become or are becoming dependent on the internet.

  • Unable to complete an essential task due to spending too much time on the internet; for example, putting the garbage out, cleaning the house, not getting your job at work done on time
  • Missing appointments, school, or due to internet usage
  • Lack of personal hygiene
  • Having trouble with sleep; inability to sleep
  • Neck and back pain
  • Carpal tunnel

Internet addiction shares some of the same characteristics as substance abuse. Neck and back pain and depression from internet addiction may lead to using drugs and or alcohol to self-medicate.

Treatment of internet addiction

Internet addiction can be treated with cognitive and behavior therapies; the same treatment as drug or alcohol abuse is treated with those therapies. Cognitive ah behavior therapies help to change harmful behaviors and thoughts.

Other treatments include:

  • Individual and group therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Horse therapy

Those are just a few therapies that can be used for internet addiction.

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