Making friends can be challenging. Our society has set up strict standards about how the average person should operate on a daily basis, and if anyone becomes socially deviant to these standards, they can be quickly shunned. When in recovery from addiction, making and maintaining friends can be even more challenging. Dealing with the struggles of overcoming your addiction and trying to make connections with people at the same time can feel like too much to juggle.

Understanding that dealing with an addiction requires special attention and specific types of people in your life is one of the keys to creating these friendships. Just because you are sober does not mean that you can’t have fun. It does not mean your life is over; it has just begun! Finding other sober friends will only amplify that. Instead of thinking about all the fun, you might miss out on now that you are sober, think about all the fun you can plan with friends who have a common goal.

The Importance of Friends in Recovery

Friends in recovery are crucial. Throughout your sobriety journey, there may be times when you have cravings or wonder if recovery is worth it. During these times, having friends to talk to – especially friends who understand what you are going through – can be highly beneficial. Friends can help you shift your focus back to your goals and remind you how far you have come.

How to Meet People in Recovery

Making friends can be challenging, especially as you are learning to navigate all new aspects of your sober life. Luckily, there are many ways you can meet new people in recovery.

12-Step Meetings

12-Step programs use the Twelve Steps to guide you through recovery and changing your life. While these programs can help you maintain sobriety, they can also help you meet new people. 12-Step programs are peer support groups, where attending their meetings is a crucial part of working a program. In these meetings, you can meet people of all different ages and backgrounds who are also recovering from addiction.

Classes and Clubs

Classes and clubs are great ways to find new hobbies in recovery; they are also great ways to meet new friends. In these classes and clubs, you can find people with similar interests, creating the basis of a friendship.

Community Events

You can also meet new people and make new friends by being an active member of your community. Many neighborhoods and cities have community events that you can participate in. Here, you can make new friends and learn new, fun ways to have fun without drugs and alcohol.

Social Media

Almost everyone uses social media for various reasons. As someone in recovery, you can use social media to your benefit. There are multiple groups and forums about recovery where you can meet people with similar goals and interests. While it is still essential to make friends in person who can physically be there if needed, participating in online groups surrounding sobriety can effectively expand your network of friends in recovery.

Creating a Home Away From Home

At 449 Recovery, one of our biggest goals is to create a space where you feel safe and secure. Deciding to seek treatment with us is the first step in your new life, and everyone welcomes you with open arms. By creating this home-like atmosphere, we help people feel comfortable connecting with other people going through the same struggles. It is essential to develop friendships with people who share your struggles and celebrate the same victories.

Maintaining these friendships both inside and outside our facility will benefit you greatly. Our program teaches people to deal with daily stressors, which can trickle down into how to keep a healthy friendship going when both people have dealt with unhealthy habits. We provide you with the life skills needed to go back out into the world with new coping mechanisms and friends to share them with.

It Is More Complicated Than ‘Addiction’

At 449 Recovery, we understand that no one wakes up one day and decides, “I want to struggle with addiction.” Various underlying issues lead to substance abuse. Assessing the situation and treating mental health issues can free people of their addictions, and we pride ourselves on having the skills to do so.

No one wants to go through life alone, and no one should have to. Becoming a part of the 449 Recovery family is more than just receiving treatment. We value who you are as an individual and what brings you together with other people. Building friendships can help you create new confidence, empathy, communication, and resilience. You are already brave in seeking treatment; make the most of it and seek a support system of friends that will be there for you.

Seeking sobriety and leaving your past life behind can be frightening, and making new friends in recovery can seem like a challenge. However, opening yourself up not only to treatment and people helping you but to the possibility of new friendships can help you feel worthy of living the life you deserve. Navigating new spaces can be scary, but you’re not alone. There are people out there that want to help you and see you succeed. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction and its underlying causes, 449 Recovery is here to help. Our home-like atmosphere with evidence-based treatment modalities can help you find healing while also creating new connections. We foster change through our whole person-centered approach to help you recover. For more information on our program and how to make friends in recovery, call 449 Recovery today at (949) 435-7449