When our mental and physical health are aligned in healthy and positive ways, we feel good. There are many different approaches that we can take to join these two aspects of our being together. Ultimately, we cannot feel whole if one of the two is neglected. Holistic treatment is a way that we can heal ourselves both physically and mentally, which can help tremendously when it comes to treatment for substance use.

Types of Holistic Treatment

Holistic treatment may include many different therapies. These may include:

Mind-Body Therapy

This form of therapy focuses on relaxing the body and opening the mind. Mind-body techniques could include mindful meditation, music therapy, art therapy, spiritual practices, and group therapy. We can become so caught up in the everyday stress of life, and mind-body treatments can give us a break from the chaos and reconnect us to our roots. They can help us remember who we are and what is important to us.

Somatic Psychotherapy

Treatments involved in somatic psychotherapy emphasize body movement and may include things like dance therapy and yoga. This method can be used to have clients physically let go of the trauma that has been plaguing their bodies. It is a unique approach to recovery from intense and painful situations that have been inflicted on trauma survivors. There are some events that people have endured that need more than vocalizing, and somatic psychotherapy is a great way to accomplish that. There are trained professionals who can guide people through body movements and help them have a positive therapeutic experience.

Spiritual Therapy

This form of therapy focuses on the practice of giving oneself to a higher power. It draws from our personal spiritual beliefs and assures us that no matter what issues we face, we can handle them through the power of spirituality. For some people, this is the most important therapy approach and can make an enormous difference. When we surrender to what is bigger than us, we can be guided to where we need to be.

Mindful Meditation

We can recenter ourselves through mindful meditation. Daily life can be stressful, and it is important to take some time for ourselves to return to feelings of calmness. Mindful meditation involves being present in the act of letting our minds go.

It can be helpful to find a quiet place in our home in which we can practice mindful meditation. Some people prefer for it to be dark, and others bask in the light. A fresh breeze from a window can help us focus on our physical being as we let our minds relax. To mindfully meditate, we sit with ourselves in a comfortable position and focus on our breathing. This practice helps us become one with ourselves again, and we can dial in on what matters.

Benefits of Holistic Therapies

Many people benefit greatly from holistic treatments. The most notable benefits of these therapies include:

#1. Increasing Self-Awareness

Holistic treatments have been shown to increase self-awareness among individuals. This is important when it comes to substance use treatment and recovery. Once we realize the reasons that may have contributed to our substance use, we can start to address them and heal from them. Sometimes the truth is tough to hear, but as individuals with heightened self-awareness, we may already know the issues we need to work on and be proactive about them rather than waiting for someone else to tell us.

#2. Reducing Stress

Healing from substance use disorder and other mental health conditions can be overwhelming. You may feel like there are too many issues to address and not enough time.

Practicing holistic treatment consistently can channel our energy into productive avenues and reduce our stress levels. When we take part in productive ways of healing, we can start to see the bigger picture more clearly. There is a sense of relief in clarity and understanding. When we listen to our bodies and respond accordingly, we can do so much more than we thought we could.

#3. Increasing Self-Esteem

When we fall out of touch with ourselves, we may second guess our choices and not be confident in how we present ourselves to the world. Holistic treatment helps us reconnect with our bodies and minds, which can create a better sense of who we are. When we learn how to be at peace with who we are and what our body needs, we can develop more self-esteem, which can make moving through the world easier.

When we face our substance abuse and admit that it has become unbearable to live in this way, we have already started to open ourselves up to vulnerability and the type of thinking that holistic treatment promotes.

Traditional therapy has proven to help and heal those struggling for numerous reasons. Along with these types of therapy, it can be helpful to explore holistic therapy techniques. There are some instances in our lives when vocalizing our traumas is not enough. For example, somatic psychotherapies like dance therapy or yoga can help clients express themselves and heal from trauma through movement. Other types of holistic therapy include mindful meditation and spiritual practices. When our mind and body are in harmony, we can show up as the best versions of ourselves for the world. Recovering from substance use can be intense, and it may require numerous therapy approaches. When we keep our minds open to new things, we can benefit from them greatly. Many people experience many positive effects from engaging in holistic therapies alongside traditional ones. To learn more, call 449 Recovery at (949) 435-7449.