Addiction crosses all barriers. Rich or poor, college degree or GED; women can struggle with addiction. From musicians to actresses and more you might be surprised at the number of famous women who struggle with addiction.

Famous women and addiction

23 famous women who have struggled with addiction and mental health prove addiction and mental health does not care who you are, how much money you have.

    • Carrie Fisher from the original Star Wars Trilogy
    • Betty Ford First Lady to President Gerald Ford created the Betty Ford Clinic
    • Jada Pinkett Smith struggled with alcoholism and codependency issues at a young age
    • Mary J. Blige struggled for years with addiction to drugs and alcohol
    • Amy Winehouse died at age 27 in 2011 after struggling for years with addiction
    • Lindsay Lohan alcohol and cocaine addiction
    • Janeane Garofalo suffered from alcohol abuse until she quit drinking and joined AA in 2001
    • Oprah Winfrey admitted to smoking cocaine two decades after she quit during a show she was doing focused on women with addiction
    • Drew Barrymore as a child star was addicted starting with cigarettes, then alcohol, then pot and cocaine
    • Jamie Lee Curtis had to have surgery at the age of 35 and became addicted to prescription painkillers
    • Nicole Richie in 2003 was arrested for possession of cocaine she also did marijuana and Vicodin
    • Stephanie Pratt was depressed, had an eating order and a drug addiction struggled with meth addiction at the age of 16
    • Elizabeth Taylor struggled with an addiction to drugs and alcohol for much of her career
    • Fergie singer for the Black Eyed Peas struggled with meth addiction
    • Jane Lynch struggled with alcohol and when she quit drinking it she became addicted to cold medication with alcohol and had depression
    • Christina Ricci struggled with addiction and anorexia in her early years
    • Karen Carpenter suffered from anorexia and died in 1983 just short of her 33rd birthday.
    • Kristen Davis was addicted to alcohol and did not think she would live past her 30th birthday
    • Eva Mendes went into rehab in 2008 for alcohol abuse
    • Judy Garland died at 47 of a barbiturate overdose she has become addicted at a young age while filming Wizard of Oz
    • Janis Joplin overdosed at 27 years old was addicted to drugs and alcohol
    • Marilyn Monroe suffered from bipolar and addiction died at the age of 36

You may wonder why we added those who passed away from their addictions but that is exactly why. You cannot control an addiction; it controls you without the proper help.  Even with treatment, there are going to be days that a total struggle not to go back to drinking or using the substance you were on. It is important that you accept that struggle and learn healthy ways to cope with it to reduce the risk of relapse and death.

One thing that many recovering addicts fail to understand is that after having been off it for a while it does not take nearly as much to overdose. At 449 Recovery, our therapists can help you with your treatment plan. Contact us today 855-735-7449