449 Recovery announces the Grand Opening of their new alcohol and drug addiction treatment center at 1401North El Camino Real, Suite 106, San Clemente, CA 92672. Headed by Rodney Robinson, 449 Recovery brings outpatient treatment, based on the concept of acceptance and respect for those seeking help in recovering from drug or alcohol dependencies, to San Clemente.

“We have created a true culture of caring to give our clients the tools they need to live a life in recovery.” CEO Rodney Robinson states, “Our plan recognizes the strengths of those in need and also respects their dignity as they move through the process of recovery.”

The 449 Recovery Plan currently offers four opportunities to those in need of treatment; Intervention, Detox, Group Therapy, and ongoing Outpatient Treatment. When considering an intervention, a professional can make the difference in successfully reaching an addict and inspiring them to get into a treatment program. Low Cost intervention services are available to help with this emotionally trying process. Once admitted, most patients will require a safe, medically assisted detox program. This is one of the most intimidating parts of the process for most people wishing to rid themselves of a substance abuse habit. Group therapy and an ongoing customized treatment are key to getting and staying sober. Too many programs push their clients through a 30 day program without taking into account their individual needs.

“We have seen far too much pain and heartbreak resulting from drug and alcohol addiction,” says Thurman Hines, Director of Patient Care “but, we have also seen many miraculous turn-arounds when our clients apply themselves to The 449 Plan.”

President and CEO Rodney Robinson brings over 30 years of experience to 449 Recovery. He holds a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. Prior to founding 449 Recovery, he was the Program Director at Ocean Hills Recovery, a leading drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in Southern California, where he saw success rates in long-term sobriety of almost 74% over several years. Rodney has realized his dream of helping people to obtain true sobriety through a functional recovery program that he developed called the “449 Recovery Program.”

About 449 Recovery Inc.

449 Recovery Inc. offers intervention services for both adults and teens, detox assistance, group and individual therapy as well an expansive virtual network of resources available to their patients online. All of 449 Recovery’s counselors are recovering addicts themselves, bringing a unique understanding and authenticity to their services. They are headquartered in San Clemente at 1401 N. El Camino Real, Suite 106, San Clemente, CA 92672. For More information, PR Contact: Jason McClain, Jmcclain(at)449recovery(dot)org Phone (855) 449-4490 ext 4459 Fax (949) 209 4035