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San Clemente Drug Rehab Center announces next video in online campaign.

The YouTube campaign to promote California drug rehab facility 449Recovery, has seen the 2nd official video release for its popular online campaign geared to heighten awareness of drug and alcohol abuse through its series of viral videos.

The video, spotlighting the need for 30-90 day programs for proper drug and alcohol treatment, stresses the heightened importance of an elongated, realistic, time frame to help increase the success rate for those suffering from addiction and looking to stop the cycle of abuse and chemical dependency.

“At 449Recovery, we believe that the more tools and more preparation a recovering addict has in dealing with his recovery outside of and after treatment; the greater the likelihood that addict with stay the course towards a sober living lifestyle,” said admissions director Vito Tassone. “While 30 days may seem like an eternity for those undergoing drug and alcohol treatment, for many recovering addicts that additional time spent in treatment has shown has proved to be the difference maker.”

It is the second release of the video campaign following up on the success of the premiere video entitled “Does Rehab Work?” which focused on popular misconceptions regarding drug and alcohol rehabilitation and featured psychologist Dr . Alex Alva providing professional expertise and advice regarding drug and alcohol treatment centers.

The staff at 449Recovery is largely made up of recovering addicts; offering additional understanding and care for those seeking help with the battle with alcohol and drug addiction. The San Clemente Drug Rehab program offers several innovative programs for those seeking treatment for substance including but not limited to low cost intervention, group therapy, on call counseling, and in home treatment; making the a very popular alternative to traditional rehab programs.

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