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You wonder if you will ever reach happy again after hitting rock bottom. It may not seem like it at the moment, but you will find happiness again in recovery.

What is rock bottom

Rock bottom is the absolute lowest of the low point a person can go. However, everyone’s rock bottom is different. For one person, it may be being behind on the rent; for another, it is losing their child to foster care, and yet another it maybe being homeless.

The “rock bottom” theory is that once an addict hits rock bottom, they will realize they have a problem and seek help through recovery. But for some people, they do not need a rock bottom to realize they need help. Rock bottom may happen for some, but not everyone. Be careful of stereotyping all addicts into the same pigeon hole.

Reaching happy again

Do not think that life becomes magically all better and happy when you start rehab. Recovery takes a lot of hard work, but you do not have to do it alone. Others who have maintained recovery become sponsors and help you reach and maintain your recovery.

You will learn tools as well as change how you think about things with cognitive behavior therapy. You will learn to forgive yourself, love yourself, and deal with the pain of the past. You will also learn how to deal with stress and anxiety so that you can reduce your risk of relapse.

The number one thing about rehab is that you must enter rehab with an open mind. A willingness to learn new tools, learn about the issues that lead you to addiction, and how to better deal with those issues, feelings, and triggers.

You must be able to accept help from others. When you are able to provide support for someone else, usually after a year to two years, then you can become a sponsor and help others.

Recover can produce happiness

During your recovery, learning about yourself and new tools, you will find that you are beginning to feel happy again. Especially as you eat healthier food, exercise, and work on the issues that cause so much trouble for you, then you will begin to see that life is good, and you have a lot to be happy about.

You learn to love yourself. Then you can begin to consider a relationship with someone else. That stress of a relationship should not be entered into until at least a year after becoming sober. In the first year, you need to concentrate on yourself.

449 Recovery is a safe recovery center where you can concentrate on learning the tools you need to love yourself, reduce the risk of relapse, and how to forgive yourself. Call us today (855) 435-7449 to learn more about the therapies we offer and how we can help you become happy again. 449 Recovery uses several treatments, including cognitive therapy, group, individual, and even family therapy.