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One of the great things about recovery is that we see the impossible happen everyday. The kinds of things that we see aren’t ever, under any circumstances, supposed to happen. We see people go through detox for drug addiction and alcoholism for a varied of reasons, but the end result is always the same: they just cannot continue living the way they have for any longer.

When It Is Time To Go To Detox

For many, the first question they’ll have is, “When should I go to a detox program?

Our answer is almost always, “The moment you need to ask when you should go!”

Addicts and alcoholics are notorious procrastinators. How many times have you heard an addict or alcoholic say that tomorrow they will take care of this, or call that person, or make that appointment, or any other number of things which ultimately do not happen? What is usually the response when they get called out on it? “I’ll do it tomorrow/next week/later.”

Our favorite is always the “later” response. So, when exactly is “later”? Why is this hypothetical future time any better than right now if you don’t know when later is?

It seems like a perfectly reasonable answer when we first hear it, but for some, the problem lies in that “later” is sometimes “too late.”

Detox is part of the process in getting to a better future

We have no guarantees about today, tomorrow, or any point in the future. When we get sober and put some time together, we see that a daily reprieve—in the truest sense of the word—is given to alcoholics and addicts that cannot be taken for granted. A reprieve means being taken to the gallows, and the moment a hand is ready to pull the lever to release the doors and send you plummeting downwards, the message comes in at the last moment that the addict or alcoholic will not meet his or her fate today.

It will be reserved for “later.”

It is one thing to find a drug and alcohol treatment center that is good for you or your loved one. That is not procrastination—that is due diligence, and something everyone should do before going to a program. However, there are risks with taking too long to make the decision on where to go. In many instances, this is a calculated risk that works out in the end, but as with any risk, there are other times where it can lead to tragedy.

Let’s be frank: not many alcoholics and addicts have matters that are so pressing that they cannot wait until after getting help. Courts are often very understanding of these circumstances, and are more than willing to make concessions if a valid attempt at getting help is made. Work will want a more productive and healthy employee. Social circles (if they are worth anything) will want you or your loved one to get the help that they need.

When a person needs help, the time to get that help is immediately. No waiting, no putting it off, no conditions…There may not be another opportunity.

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