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Perhaps the most difficult thing for newcomers and old-timers recovering from drug addiction is how to stay sober while sick. There are a lot of concerns and false information out there, and seeing as it is flu season (and some have already caught it), we thought now would be a good time to dispel some of those myths.

Prescription Drugs

Like in any other situation, prescription drugs are fine when you are sick, provided you take certain measures.

First, make sure the prescribing doctor knows your history with alcoholism and drug addiction problems. They may not prescribe you something that they might otherwise prescribe to someone else based on that history. If you absolutely need it and there are no other options, though, then they might prescribe you something that can be easily abused anyways just because it is the most effective option.

Preventing drug addiction relapse with prescription drugs

So how do you keep from relapsing on prescription drugs if they are prescribed? What do you do if prescription drugs addiction was what brought you to a treatment center in the first place?

First, take only the recommended dose in the recommended intervals. If they say one teaspoon every six hours, do not take six teaspoons every hour. That’s not the same thing.

Further, tell other people such as sponsors, parents, friends, or people at meetings that you are required to take these medications. When you do, the likelihood of relapsing drops dramatically, and if you don’t trust yourself, you may be able to give the medications to someone else for them to administer the doses.

Easy Does It

Of course, if you are prescribed something that heavy, you probably aren’t out-and-about anyways. Take the time to get good rest, drink a lot of fluids, and allow your body to do its thing.

If you need a meeting, some meetings offer recorded speaker-meetings for rent or sale. Call someone and ask them to be of service by picking up one of these recordings, and while you are at it, this is also a good time to explain the medication situation as well (if it applies).

Assuming you aren’t contagious, another option is to have the meeting brought to you. Many times, we have gone to an addict or alcoholic who was ill and had a meeting at their home so that they did not have to leave. Any group of two or more alcoholics can call themselves a recovering group, provided that they have no other affiliations, so this can be a great option for those who are not mobile as well.

What About Isolation?

It is important not to completely isolate yourself no matter how awful you may feel. Whether you realize it or not, the temptation to fix that feeling can be subtle, but it can also drive us to do things we otherwise wouldn’t like taking an extra dose of our meds. After all, who will ever know?

You yourself will know, and that’s the danger. From there, more exceptions are made in which “no one will ever know,” and before you know it, you are back whole-heartedly into active addiction.

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