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There are things that are so painfully obvious in the world of drug addiction that all we can do is laugh about them in hindsight, and this can be exceptionally true when entering a crystal meth rehab program. Today, we decided to provide some of our favorite telltale signs that such a program might be helpful to a potential addict.

Your Days Are More Than 24 Hours Long

If you find that the sun has risen and fallen several times since you last closed your eyes for any longer than a split second, that is a pretty good indicator that it is time to find help.

Because crystal meth’s effects can last up to sixteen hours, it is rather easy to go overshoot the mark. Of course, the detox process is not a pretty or fun experience, and most addicts opt instead to skip that part, instead choosing to get high again. With such a potent drug, the same thing often happens again, where the addict overshoots the mark once more. Eventually, the body just can’t handle continuing this cycle, and the addict begins showing symptoms of psychosis and physical breakdown.

Your Place Is Spotless, But You Haven’t Showered or Brushed Your Teeth In a Week

If you haven’t maintained basic hygiene, but your garage is cleaner than an operating room, you might also be a good candidate for a crystal meth rehab program.

The boost in energy that gives crystal meth the nickname “speed” manifests in a number of ways. For some, that results in obsessive cleaning. Every surface may have a chrome-like reflection to it, but the irony is that this obsessive cleaning often doesn’t translate into areas of personal hygiene. It is not uncommon for people suffering from crystal meth addiction to go weeks or even months without showering or brushing their teeth.

Instead, they opt to use the toothbrush for scrubbing the tile in the bathroom.

You Have More Fingers Than Teeth

So-called “meth mouth” is one of the US prison system’s biggest healthcare costs. It is caused by a combination of caustic chemicals used in the manufacture of crystal meth, as well as a lack of saliva to lubricate and coat the teeth, which results in them essentially rotting.

Saliva is the body’s natural mouthwash. It keeps the bacteria in our mouths from eating away at the enamel in our teeth, and to help with digestion. Because crystal meth inhibits saliva production, that natural mouthwash isn’t there to clear the bacteria, and the tendency to avoid personal hygiene means that those bacteria accumulate in greater numbers.

At the very least, these bacteria lead to halitosis and tonsilloths. If the addict is lucky, it will stop at the teeth getting severe cavities, which can require thousands of dollars to fix. Often, the neglect just causes them to fall out, but it is possible that, with prolonged use and manufacture, that the red phosphorous in meth can result in white phosphorous if it is overheated, causing a condition known as phossy jaw.

That is, of course, if the white phosphorous doesn’t auto-ignite, blowing up half the block.

If any of these symptoms sound vaguely familiar for either you or a loved one, we strongly urge you to at least consider looking into a crystal meth rehab program.

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