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Feeling Overwhelmed Searching for Treatment

When you do an internet search for addiction recovery programs, you will receive thousands of results. Narrowing these results to legitimate treatment facilities that provide personalized care can be challenging. Many people feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of options and uncertain about where to start. If you have struggled to locate relevant and high-quality

Dual Diagnosis: Treatment Takes a Team

Many individuals diagnosed with substance use disorder (SUD) have co-occurring conditions and underlying causes that require mental health treatment. Rehabilitation must incorporate treatments designed to address each condition simultaneously to ensure the best possible outcome. If mental health disorders are left untreated or given a lower priority during treatment, a full recovery may be difficult

What Is Trauma Treatment?

While not all trauma survivors experience long-term consequences, we know that the experience of trauma can profoundly affect a person’s psychological, social, physical, occupational, and financial functioning. As a result, many trauma survivors seek specialized therapy to heal and recover. What Is Trauma? Trauma is a psychological, emotional response to an event or experience that

Why Is Recovery a Family Affair?

In treatment and recovery from substance use disorders, family involvement refers to the active participation of someone’s loved ones in their treatment and recovery process. Family involvement can take many different forms. These range from providing emotional support to attending therapy sessions to learning more about substance use disorders. While family involvement will vary from

Using 449 Recovery as a Resource

When you or a loved one has had enough of the life being lived and decides that treatment is necessary, it can be difficult to know where to start. It may be overwhelming to make a decision about what kind of treatment to seek, where to go, and who to call. The amount of information

Recovery Outside the Walls of Treatment

When you realize it’s time to begin seeking treatment, you quickly learn that there are many different options available. This may make it difficult to decide which would be best for you. Fortunately, with some information about the different treatment types, you can make a decision you feel confident about. You may also choose to

Do You Have Any Blind Spots in Your Recovery?

The recovery process can be intimidating. It is sometimes mentally and physically draining, with the potential to leave you feeling lost and alone. The good news is that there are many resources to help you in your journey to sobriety. Utilizing the tools that work for you can make a huge difference in your progress.

How Does Art Therapy Help Recovery?

Growing up, we were taught to create art as a means of self-expression. For many people, taking an art class was a requirement to graduate and start the next chapter of their lives. What happens to the idea of art when school is over? Does it fade into a category comprised of activities deemed only

The Underlying Causes of Self-Medication

Self-medication is frequently a result of untreated mental health disorders, trauma, abuse, intense emotional experiences, and maladaptive coping skills. Unmet mental health needs often result in individuals seeking relief, even when that relief is temporary or achieved through unsafe methods. Appropriate mental health treatment could be extremely effective in reducing the incidence rates of substance

The Beauty of Mindfulness and Meditation

The practice of mindfulness can help us master and restore ourselves. The Miracle of Mindfulness, quoted by an article in Clinical Psychology Review, teaches us about mindfulness through the image of a magician cutting his body into many parts and placing each part in a different region before reassembling the parts into his body, which