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Are You Fully Prepared for Detox?

What would it look like for you to surrender your life to sobriety? Would you be alright with your current living situation changing? Would you be ready to open your mind to difficult feelings bubbling up to the surface surrounding addiction and substance abuse? Would you be prepared to take full responsibility for your actions

How Quality Support Saves Lives

Recovery from mental health issues and maladaptive coping skills can be challenging. There is often a lot of work that needs to be done to learn healthy coping skills and how to live a productive life. If your loved one is in treatment or recovery, supporting them through this process can be a crucial piece

How Can You Develop Healthy Coping Mechanisms for Trauma?

Understanding what trauma is can be a complex undertaking. Trauma seems to be another word that is thrown around, lessening the weight attached to it. What is trauma, and do you have it? How is someone supposed to deal with the trauma that has happened to them? Coping can be complex and layered with emotions.

Seeking a Detox Center: Knowing Where to Start

Drug detox, also sometimes known as “medically managed withdrawal,” is the process of getting a substance out of the body. It involves an intervention with a variety of different therapies depending on the detox center. Detox is not rehab; although it is an essential part of treatment, it is often not enough on its own

How Can You Prioritize Your Mental Health?

When people talk about keeping yourself healthy or going to the doctor when you are sick, do you automatically assume they are talking about your physical body? Most would agree that the physical body is what is being implied, but what about the health of your mental state? Until recent years it was seen as

Sense of Community and Its Role in Recovery

According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, humans have five needs: psychological, safety, love and belonging needs, esteem, and self-actualization. After physiological and safety needs have been fulfilled, the third level of human needs is social and involves feelings of belonging. Belonging refers to the human emotional need for interpersonal relationships, affiliating, connection, and being part

How Can You Make Friends in Recovery?

Making friends can be challenging. Our society has set up strict standards about how the average person should operate on a daily basis, and if anyone becomes socially deviant to these standards, they can be quickly shunned. When in recovery from addiction, making and maintaining friends can be even more challenging. Dealing with the struggles

Teaching People to Be Individuals and Living as an Adult

Those in treatment or recovery from substance use disorder (SUD) are often stigmatized and looked at as incapable or undervalued. However, this could not be further from the truth. At 449 Recovery, we emphasize the fact that people in treatment are, in fact, fully capable adults, simply using their skillsets for negative rather than positive.

What Are the Twelve Steps in Recovery?

When thinking about achieving our goals in life, what is one of the first necessities that come to mind? Among other important factors, the foundation is arguably the most crucial. Being able to succeed requires a solid premise of support and encouragement. Understanding the requisite at hand and executing it is something that can not

We Believe In Your Abilities, Now It’s Time for You To

Self-compassion is not something everyone gets to experience healthy examples of growing up. You may have never been taught about it at all. You may be able to have all the compassion in the world for friends and family, but when it comes to yourself, you’re your own worst enemy. Lack of self-compassion can lead