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Following recovery, we may feel as though our lives have spiraled out of control, and regaining such control may require connecting with a higher power. Developing a relationship with spirituality can help us become more at peace and understand that our past mistakes are forgiven. Spirituality can also help us find the motivation to move forward.

Making a Connection With God

In correlation with the 12-step program, once we admit to ourselves that we are powerless over alcohol and substance use, we can surrender ourselves to the power of God. We can understand how we have wronged others, ask God for forgiveness, and start to feel a weight lifted from us.

Each individual’s connection with God is unique to who they are and what they are struggling with. God sticks with us through thick and thin. We can ask God for help, and we can praise God for what has been given to us. This relationship knows no bounds and can help us achieve all that we dream of through sobriety.

Building a Community Around Spirituality

Along with finding support groups like Al-Anon or Narcotics Anonymous, finding a place of worship to devote ourselves to can be helpful. An array of churches welcome members with open arms and offers valuable tools to keep our faith alive and thriving. Many churches hold smaller groups that focus on the energy created in intimate settings as well as larger Sunday services. The feeling of belonging to something much bigger than ourselves and being able to connect and express our vulnerabilities can keep us in our sobriety.

God Has a Plan for Everyone

Throughout our lives, we are given obstacles to overcome. These obstacles can be seen as tests from God. One of the most important things to remember is that God would not give us tasks that we could not handle. It is in God’s will for us to triumph and report back stronger and better than ever.

How To Keep the Connection Alive

In some of our darkest times, we may feel hopeless. We can feel as though no one understands or is there to support us. These are the times when it is important to remember our relationship with God and connect with him. Take time to pray. There are no rules to prayer except to talk to God. You need to have a completely open heart and really mean the words you speak, and the Bible’s promise is clear, God will respond. Under those conditions, no prayer goes unanswered.

We must be open with our emotions and what we are asking God to help with. Do we need strength to push through a tough time? Do we need the patience to complete treatment? Do we need understanding when trying to make amends with the ones we once hurt? Regardless of what we need, having a strong relationship with God can help us to keep going.

Reach Out for Help

If we feel our connection with God slipping, or we are just unsure about how to keep it alive, a good option is to talk to the pastor of our church. Maintaining full transparency about how we are feeling can enable others to assist us in the best way they can. If we have concerns about a passage in the Bible or teaching we listened to on Sunday, express those concerns.

Our relationship with God is not black and white, and sometimes there will be some grey areas that need to be clarified. This is normal and all a part of the process of building a relationship with God. Having certain questions will bring us closer to God in the end because we take the time to examine our beliefs and ensure they stay in line with God.

Relationships Take Time

Some people may not have had any sort of relationship with God before recovery and may feel like it is taking longer than it should. You must always remember God will come through for you no matter what. He is there 100% of the time. It is not only okay if it takes a while but be encouraged. We are all on our timelines, and there is not a race to get to the finish line. Taking the knowledge we learn through treatment and applying it to our daily lives will look different for each individual, and that is the beauty of it! We are all so special in the eyes of God, and our paths will follow as so. We must trust the process and put our faith in God. Everything else will work itself out.

After treatment, recovery can feel tricky. Along with support groups and keeping friends and family close, a relationship with God can be essential to staying sober. We must understand that we are powerless against alcohol and substance use, and giving our lives to God can help us stay sober. Every relationship with God is unique to the individual and should be treated as such. Finding a church to join can help us surround ourselves with like-minded people who want to see us succeed. We can find what works best for us regarding worship and praise and focus on consistency. We can take time to read our Bibles and pray about our hopes and fears. We can overcome any obstacle thrown our way through God. God is always here for us; it is never too late to create a relationship with a higher power. Call (949) 435-7449.

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