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Recovery is a life-changing decision that will lead to a healthy life of sobriety. It is a decision you will not regret. However, you will need to be persistent in achieving and maintain recovery.

It will require a commitment on your part to participate in therapy with an open mind. 

Finding a purpose

People who go to rehab with a commitment, an open mind, and a purpose do much better during recovery. They also have less risk of relapse. 

Now, a word of caution, do not replace one habit for another, that includes recovery. 

So, how do you find a purpose? A reason to get up in the morning, go to work, meet with friends, exercise, and recovery. Something you can be passionate about and will give you a sense of accomplishment.

Everyone’s purpose is different; there is no right or wrong purposefulness. One person’s goal might be art; another’s might be helping the homeless. 

Using your purpose in rehab can help keep you grounded and on the right path. Once you have finished in-patient rehab, continue to go to therapy sessions, and share your story and knowledge with new recovery patients. 

Tips on staying sober

Now that you are sober, here are some tips to help you stay clean.

  • Make changes in your life. Avoid old hangouts, people you got high with, your old routines, and habits; that way, you avoid temptation and relapse.
  • Get physical; start exercising. Walking, running, lifting weights, any exercise that will help you tone muscles and rebuild your health. If you were abusing alcohol or a substance for an extended time, you probably did not pay attention to your health. Add a healthy diet to the exercise. You will begin to feel better than you have in a long time. 
  • Develop a structured schedule. A schedule will help you stay healthy, deal with stress, and other life changes without picking up alcohol or your favorite substance.
  • Build healthy relationships, including rebuilding relationships with your family. Healthy relations can support you in times of trouble and bring joy to your daily life. They will also help you build your self-esteem again.
  • Return to the workforce. Yes, finding a job and keeping employment can be a trigger. But, you need to work to be a productive member of society, pay your bills, and find a place to live. 
  • Learn to deal with your anger. 
  • Find a balance. Finding your balance will help you deal with stress with a lower risk of relapse.

449 Recovery offers a continuously monitored detox program. Call us today (855) 435-7449 to learn more about the therapies that will teach you the tools you need to stay clean and sober. The facility at 449 Recovery is a clean, safe environment where you can achieve recovery, find a purpose, and work on your health, both physical and mental. When you leave our facility, if you have committed to the program, you will have all the tools needed for you to maintain a sober life.