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We are all aware of the opioid crisis in America today, but do you know which other substances are the most abused in the US?

Today, we are going to look at the top 10 most abused substances in America with an approximate number of users for each.  Some legal such as alcohol and tobacco, some not legal such as cocaine or heroin and you might be surprised by the order of that list. 

Top 10 listed

  1. Tobacco (nicotine) over 40 million users – while tobacco is legal and does not kill from an overdose the way other drugs do it is addictive and does cause harm. It takes longer to impact a person’s health and can cause death from cancer. Now that vaping is available with nicotine in it people are transitioning to vaping however, we do not yet know the long term effects of vaping either. 
  2. Alcohol18 Million – another legal substance but it is also addicting and causes deaths by several means, cirrhosis, fatal accidents, and domestic abuse to name a few. 
  3. Marijuana4.2 Million – today’s marijuana is not the same as the marijuana from the ‘60s or even the 80s it is more potent now. Several states have also legalized it which distracts people from the possible addiction. 
  4. Painkillers1.8 Million – includes codeine, Vicodin and Oxycontin which has been discovered are highly addictive. For some, one time using these drugs after a surgery or injury and they are addicted. Others can take those two or three times before becoming addicted while some who use these drugs never become addicted. 
  5. Cocaine821,000 – the level has dropped some on cocaine addiction but there are still many who are addicted to it and its cheaper form crack cocaine. This drug has ruined many lives financially and families who have a member in jail because they robbed someone for money to buy cocaine. 
  6. Heroin426,000 – has severe withdrawal symptoms making it hard to get off it. Addiction has risen lately among women. It can also spread diseases like HIV, Hepatitis, and Aids from sharing needles.
  7. Benzodiazepines400,000 – Valium, Xanax, Diazepam, and Klonopin used to treat anxiety and stress. Many users have no idea that they are addicted until they try to stop taking them. Also, withdrawals are dangerous and need to be monitored and medical assistance used.
  8. Stimulants329,000 – these are used to stay awake and have more focus, they are popular among college students. 
  9. Inhalants – 140,000 – popular among teens because they can be purchased in stores legally from whipped topping in a can to spray paint. 
  10. Sedatives (barbiturates) – 78,000 – used to treat tension and sleep disorders sedatives are addictive, and people can overdose on these drugs. 


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