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Eventually, we hear of commitments in recovery, but why are they important? Commitments in recovery can teach is a lot of ourselves as well as other.

Commitments in Recovery Teach Us Accountability

For one, commitments in recovery keep us accountable. Accountability is a fairly foreign concept to addicts and alcoholics, and commitments at meetings—or in general—are a low-risk way to help teach this concept over time.

Accountability in drug and alcohol addiction is important because—as with any person in society—when we say we are going to do something, it is important that we do it. We learn in recovery to be dependable people with integrity, and commitments in recovery allow us to prove that we are able.

Commitments in Recovery Help Us Be of Service

Sometimes we need that little extra nudge to get into service. Many addicts and alcoholics are reluctant to commit to anything because they know that they have a tendency to avoid things they don’t want to do. Sure, we might feel inspired at the moment we agree to something, but once that fleeting moment is gone, good luck trying to get us to do something we don’t want to do!

A commitment is a small thing, though. When we have less pressure, we are more likely to go forth with something that is of little importance, lest we let down those around us. Even the most defiant of us—whether we admit it openly or not—has a fear of letting people down when we are called to help.

Commitments in Recovery Keep Meetings Alive

Because every meeting is self-supporting through its own contributions, meetings require commitments to stay functional. Especially if we frequent a specific meeting—and even more so if the meeting is struggling—it is a good idea to do what you can to give back to the meeting so that it may continue to live—or most of us will surely die.

Commitments in Recovery Allow Us to Stay Sober

Commitments in drug and alcohol treatment and recovery allow us to stay sober because, as we build upon that accountability, we realize that other people are expecting us to do what we say we do. We appreciate the time and effort people have put into our recovery, and we recognize that we have to put more than the same effort into our own recovery if we are to keep it.

Ultimately, when we first get sober, we are already making a commitment. We make the commitment that we will go to any lengths to stay clean and sober. It is a commitment we make to our sponsor, to God, and to ourselves; and it is the most important commitment that we keep.

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