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Many of us realize that addiction is harmful to those we love. Their health is eroded away over time, their mental health suffers, and they can overdose or be killed trying to get the substance of their choice. 

These actions can be related to hitting a low deep enough that the addict falls into deep despair and feels nothing is worth it.

Addiction and violence

While some of us consider addiction and violence when it relates to crimes to earn or take money to purchase the required substance or alcohol, we do not think of domestic violence, or destruction caused my mental illness brought on by drug or alcohol abuse.

Often, fellow addicts will turn violent with each other over their substances. They think hey you have some I want some give it to me, or I will take it. Then, of course, there is the violence of robbery when they break into a store or someone’s home to grab stuff to sell. In the case of home invasion, if someone is home, the addict can become scared and agitated enough to become combative and hurt the homeowner. 

Addiction and suicide

Does addiction really lead to suicide, or is it just accidental overdose? For some addicts, especially when they try to quit, the emotional pain they were self-medicating for returns. That emotional pain or other mental issue is so intense that the addict feels like they have no reason for being.

Their suicidal feelings and despair become so deep that they follow up on those suicidal thoughts. They tend to think that everyone would be better off without them, it would have been better if they had never been born, and the pain will end if they die. Some may even consider death easier than living.

Abusing drugs, especially depressants, can trigger symptoms of depression that can lead to suicidal thoughts and actions. It is essential that you also need to remember that under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the user can engage in risky behaviors they otherwise wouldn’t. Those risky behaviors include suicide. Those addicts who have suicidal tendencies are often overlooked because their loved ones do not know what to look for in the addict.

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