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There are still myths about heroin today, even with all the studies and research that has been done on heroin. 

Let’s look at the top 9 myths.

The myths of heroin

  1. Heroin is less risky when smoked instead of snorted. Like all myths this is false. The only thing that is different between modes of use with heroin is smoking and snorting reduces the risk of diseases passed with injection. Disease like Hepatitis and HIV can be transmitted using dirty needles.
  2. Heroin is a substance only abused by aged users. False, even though for a time most heroin users were age 30 and over, today the numbers indicate that it is increasing among people age 18 and over.  
  3. Methadone is more destructive than heroin. This is not true, while both are drugs per se, methadone can help with withdrawal and must be prescribed and administered by a doctor and medical personnel. However, when used to treat withdrawal from heroin, methadone can become addictive to the patient. 
  4. Self-denial is a suitable cure option for heroin addiction. The truth is, as much as an addict wants to get clean, they will not succeed on their own. Entering an experienced recovery center that treats heroin is the only way to quit altogether, using heroin.
  5. All heroin rehabs are the same. That is entirely false. Not all recovery centers are the same. If you are interested in recovery from heroin in the Los Angeles, CA area, check out 449 Recovery.
  6. Heroin is a young person’s problem. Completely false, a person who may be young when they start using or become addicted to heroin does not outgrow or age out of using heroin. It isn’t the foster care system.  
  7. There are highly functional heroin addicts. Hardly, the facts and data show that people who use heroin become dependent on it and end up homeless, committing a crime to pay for it, and land in jail. 
  8. Heroin death happens only because of contaminations in the heroin. Wrong, the vast majority of death from heroin is because the long term users need more and more of it to feel the same high. At that point, they will begin using other substances or alcohol with it.  
  9. Most heroin addiction starts with a legitimate pain prescription. While a very small few may move from pain medication to heroin, 75 percent of recreational opioid users become heroin addicts.


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