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When a person finishes treatment and gets back into a new pattern of living, new hobbies and places to enjoy can be a part of the sober living process. In Los Angeles, there is a multitude of activities and options available to supplement activities such as attending 12-step programs or going to counseling sessions.

Sober living can be an opportunity to explore Los Angeles and see the city with fresh eyes that aren’t affected by drugs or alcohol.

Take in Art

Art therapy is a complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) practice that is commonly used to help those in recovery. While much of art therapy is focused on the creative process, enjoying Los Angeles’ art scene can provide stress relief benefits as well. The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) is the largest art museum in the western United States and offers more than 125,000 items of artwork to take in. The Museum of Contemporary Art is another popular Los Angeles location for those wishing to take in artwork from the 1940s and beyond. These museums can provide a comforting place to soak in beautiful artwork and inspire a person’s own creativity.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Los Angeles’ natural beauty can be the ideal backdrop for recovery. Reconnecting with nature and some of the city’s most beautiful locales can be a peaceful sober living activity. Some great places to go include Griffith Park, which features hiking trails as well as horseback riding trails. The park frequently holds events, such as outdoor concerts and movies that are a low-cost option for those in sober living. Other popular outdoor spots include the La Brea Tar Pits and Runyon Canyon. Each location is a new way to discover the city.

Live Like a Tourist

Sometimes a person living in Los Angeles rarely takes the time to see the popular activities that draw tourists to the city. Being a tourist in your own town is a fulfilling way to spend time. Popular Los Angeles activities include the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which is also home to the historic TCL Chinese Theatre. The Hollywood Homes Tour and Disneyland are also popular escapist activities where anyone can relieve stress and enjoy the tourist experience.

Shop for Fresh Foods

Eating clean, healthy foods and exercising contributes to staying physically and mentally strong. Enjoying outdoor markets and fresh food sources can help you explore healthier meals.

Examples of markets to see in Los Angeles include The Grove, which is the home to Los Angeles’ original farmers’ market. The Grand Central Market in downtown Los Angeles features a variety of food vendors that serve fresh fare at reasonable prices.

Benefits of Sober Living Activities

Taking in Los Angeles’ natural beauty and some of the most popular locations can help to promote sober living. Each new adventure presents an opportunity for a person to enjoy natural and man-made beauty. Through exploring Los Angeles’ sober living activities, anyone may come upon a new hobby, be it art appreciation, cooking, or equine therapy. Each of these options has the potential to play a vital role in supporting continued recovery.