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Now that you are in substance abuse recovery, you can benefit from the top 5 tips for successful substance abuse recovery. 

Top 5 Tips for in-treatment substance abuse recovery

First, let’s look at the top 5 tips for while you are in treatment for substance abuse recovery from those who have done it themselves.

  1. Beyond the normal week of clothing and make sure it is comfortable clothing, toiletries, ladies take make-up you will want it when you begin to feel better, shoes that you can walk in, take the following; notebook(s) for journaling, take a bible or devotional books if you are religious, pictures of those who stand behind you and lift you up. 
  2. Be open-minded and willing to explore things from every angle or opportunity. Explore tools that you can use to avoid relapsing.
  3. When you feel stressed or anxious focus on the present and walk laps in the halls, talk to those who are also walking those laps. You will feel less alone when you make connections with the people who are going through the same thing you are. 
  4. Take notes on what you learn as they can remind you of what you have accomplished, how to deal with the distractions of the world outside of treatment, and get you through the tough times that may crop up later on. 
  5. Be a participant. Understand that you will angry and it is ok. Understand at the start that you will want to leave early… DO NOT LEAVE. You have a great chance of overdosing and death if you leave treatment early. 

Understanding these top 5 tips going into treatment will help you accomplish what you started. 

5 Tips for after substance abuse treatment recovery

When you leave treatment you will be clean and sober. The next 5 tips deal with life outside of the recovery facility.

  1. Have a mentor or sponsor that you can call day or night during times of anxiety and stress so that you do not relapse.
  2. Attend out-patient meetings regularly. Go as often during the week as you need to. At first that maybe every single day, as you heal and get healthy you will be able to go once or twice a week. 
  3. Deal with the underlying problems that started the substance abuse with a therapist. 
  4. Love yourself. This is something you will begin to learn in treatment and should carry through after treatment as you deal with the underlying problems. 
  5. Eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly this helps the body and mind feel good and reduces the cravings for the substances that were abused.

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