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Let’s talk about the facts and myths of addiction. 

People who are not or never have been addicted do not understand that the addict has no more control over the addiction than a two year old over a temper tantrum. 

Addiction is not just about alcohol or substance abuse either; people can be addicted to anything from food to sex. 

So, let’s distinguish fact from myth. 

Top 6 myths about addiction

  1. If an addict has some morals or self-control they could quit using.  This is a myth; an addict cannot control his brain chemistry or his cravings whether it is for alcohol, a drug, or a donut. 
  2. People can’t become addicted to pot. Wrong; people can become addicted to pot especially today as the THC is more potent than it has ever been. 
  3. Relapse means recovery treatments do not work. Another myth. Yes, there will probably be relapses but like all medical treatments recovery treatment does not guarantee lifelong health but recovery is possible. 
  4. Substance abuse and addiction is the same thing. No, actually they are two different things. With abuse the person uses drugs or alcohol in unhealthy or even dangerous ways, they constantly fight with substance use or have acquired a dependence on the substance. Addiction, on the other hand, has formed a physical, chemical and/or a psychological has developed a physical, chemical and/or a psychological need for drugs or alcohol.
  5. Substance abuse only affects low-income or socio-economic sections of society. False, the truth is substance abuse can affect anyone of any background or income. 
  6. People with addiction are hopeless. False. With the right recovery treatment, they can recover and move on to manage the disease just like someone who has type II diabetes manages their disease.  Recovery is not easy and there may be a relapse but with the right tools and treatment recovery is possible. 

Finding the right recovery clinic

Finding the right recovery clinic starts with deciding what your rehab goals and needs are. You also need to determine if there are any underlying issues that you wish to address at the same time. 

See a treatment professional to find out what treatment center will most closely match your goals and what the treatments are. 

Next research the facilities you found and or the treatment specialist gave you. Some information you will be able to find online, other information you will have to ask for. A good rehab clinic will answer all your questions and have nothing to hide. 

Things to consider are:

  • Inpatient vs. Outpatient
  • Specialties
  • Treatments and Therapies
  • Amenities

At 449 Recovery we will answer any questions you have so please give us a call at (855) 435-7449 to gain more insight about our all-inclusive alcohol and drug addiction treatment program today! Our goal at 449 Recovery is to execute practices that will leave a lifelong impact on the recipients in an environment that will encourage recovery.

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