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It is not only beneficial; it is also vital that you have a sponsor in your recovery. 

Top 8 benefits of a sponsor

The top 8 benefits of having a sponsor are:

  1. They share the same experiences as you when it comes to recovery and being addicted. They also provide hope and strength to the person they sponsor because they were addicted, and they are in recovery, you too can attain recovery.
  2. The sponsor can give you sober resources, meeting suggestions, recovery books, speaker audiotapes, their favorite prayers, etc.
  3. The sponsor will hold you accountable.
  4. They will get you out of your comfort zone and trying new things. Trying new things keeps you from going to places or seeing people that were around when you were addicted.
  5. A good sponsor is a source of motivation. They can help you with ideas to stay motivated and moving forward in your recovery. 
  6. A sponsor will help you avoid the pitfalls of relapse because they have been there and can help you understand why specific choices will do you harm. Choices like a relationship during early recovery, changing jobs, and other life-changing decisions that can create stress.
  7. Help you work through the 12 steps.
  8. May lead to a lifelong friendship.

Recovery can be attained

Recovery can be attained and is far less stressful or scary with a good sponsor during recovery. The sponsor knows the ins and outs of recovery, has been using the tools you just learned longer and will help keep you motivated to reach and maintain your recovery.

The 12 step program is a cornerstone of outpatient recovery. It helps you move forward one step at a time. Continued therapy for underlying issues that caused you to begin using drugs or alcohol should is a must. Working through the trauma of past problems will help you build self-esteem and realize that drugs or alcohol only worsens the situation. 

Dual diagnosis

For some addicts, there is the possibility that they have a dual diagnosis. This means beyond being an addict; they have a mental health issue such as depression or anxiety. For years those with a dual diagnosis were made to have their mental health issues addressed first before recovery. Now, the majority of recovery centers understand that an addict with a mental health issue must be treated for both at the same time if they are to reach and maintain recovery. Those who are treated for each one separately, are the patients who relapse more often and quicker than those who have been treated for both at the same time.

449 Recovery is a dual diagnosis recovery center that treats the whole person and their family. Call us today (855) 435-7449 to learn more about our programs to help you attain and maintain recovery. 449 Recovery has a continuously monitored detox program that is followed up with several therapies for individual, group, and family therapy. Some of those therapies include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, life skills, healthier eating and exercise, smart goals, and motivation.