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As the Operations Manager at 449 Recovery, Jason Ehle appreciates the fact that he has an opportunity to share his own experience, strength, and hope with others, while at the same time learn from others’ experience, strength, and hope. As one who was involved in treatment and recovery since the age of 23, Jason can relate to the challenges facing others who are battling addiction and substance abuse. “I chose this profession because I am in recovery myself,” shares Jason. “When I began working at 449 Recovery, I was a bit cynical about the chances for success of many younger people in recovery. This was based on my own experience and my lack of “hitting bottom” in my younger years. I now believe that anyone, regardless of age, stands a great chance to succeed in sobriety and recovery if they are willing to take direction, work the steps, and truly participate in their own recovery.”

Jason encourages others, especially ones in recovery, to join his field of study in addiction recovery because, according to Jason, it is one of the most rewarding lines of work there is. “It’s a great way to help others, while at the same time, being accountable in my own recovery as well.”

Although working as the Operations Manager in a drug and alcohol treatment center has several rewarding aspects, Jason especially appreciates that he is able to help others. Says Jason, “Assisting staff and clients, in a variety of ways, whether it is providing technical assistance to a staff member, helping a client with their resume, or just being a good listener to a client is extremely satisfying.” And while Jason sees several rewarding facets to his work, it can have its challenges. He continues, “The most demanding part of my job is balancing the many responsibilities and tasks of the department, and helping to keep 449 functioning smoothly and effectively.”

Jason earned his Bachelors of Science in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix, and lives in San Juan Capistrano. Although he is not currently taking any continued education or training at this time, he plans to enroll in some Psychology courses next year. For fun, Jason enjoys going to the beach, hiking, snowboarding or virtually anything outdoors. He is also a huge music enthusiast and enjoys going to concerts and movies.

But again, he returns to what it is about 449 Recovery that he enjoys vocationally, sharing, “I genuinely appreciate the program at 449 and the emphasis on having fun in sobriety. In my many attempts at maintaining long-term sobriety in the past, I never learned to have fun in sobriety. As they say in AA, ‘We are not a glum lot.’ I believe that in order to achieve success in long-term sobriety, you have to learn to have fun while sober.”

449 Recovery is proud to have Jason Ehle as its Operations Manager, and appreciates the vital contributions he makes to the center and its clients on a daily basis.