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As a former client of 449 Recovery, Andrew Maloof can relate all too well to the many challenges that those suffering from alcohol and drug addiction face every day. So when the opportunity arose to work for 449 Recovery some two and a half years ago, it was a “no brainer” of sorts for the University of Nevada Las Vegas graduate. Initially starting at 449 Recovery as a primary counselor, after obtaining his CAADAC (California Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors) certification, he was promoted to his current role in Business Development, contributing to the ongoing growth and expansion of 449 Recovery. And in Andrew’s words, he wouldn’t want these past couple of years to be any different really. “Being part of the recovery process is a gift, and seeing the light bulb go on in a client is truly wonderful. To know I have been even a small part of that is extremely gratifying.”

Being a part of the 449 Recovery team helps foster a family, almost tribal-like commitment to excellence for Andrew, and it shows each and every day in his work. He goes on to share, “It means that I am part of a family that has dedicated itself to helping others in their fight against addiction.” In addition to his degree from UNLV, in 2014, Andrew graduated from Centaur College as a chemical dependency counselor. He maintains his razor-sharp focus and stays on top of what’s trending in addiction with a commitment to continuing education. He goes on to say, “I am required to get CEU’s to keep my CAADAC active. As a business development rep I attend a lot of conferences and networking events where CEU’s are readily available to me. I really enjoy the fact that I never stop learning about this field.”

Andrew lives in nearby San Clemente, where in his free time he enjoys an occasional round of golf, snowboarding in the winter, or taking in a m
ovie at the cinema. Currently single, he is quick to point out that he has a “beautiful girlfriend and a great dog!”

When asked about the most demanding aspect of his job, after some reflection, he points to the ongoing challenges associated with marketing, saying “Making sure that the 449 Recovery brand is always alive and well can be a challenge. It’s my job to bring clients to 449. With all of the new treatment centers opening up, I play the role of brand ambassador and inform people about what it is that makes 449 stand out above the rest.” Part of this brand development for 449 Recovery includes networking with various groups and individuals. One such group was earlier this month, when Andrew attended a round table discussion and spoke on the topic of “body brokering” and client poaching. This is a growing problem in Orange County right now. “Body brokering is the term used to describe when money is traded for a client referral,” says Andrew. “It causes many problems in the industry and takes advantage of the clients we are trying to serve. 449 Recovery has a strong stance against it.”

As for noticing how the industry has changed, even in his few years in helping those with addiction issues, Andrew has seen the insurance process evolve. “It is always changing, and it’s growing like crazy. Insurance is changing their requirements all the time but when the changes happen, 449 always evolves, adjusts, and is better and stronger for it.” When prompted to describe how he encourages others to join the field of addiction recovery, he points to the need for commitment. “I tell them that it is the best job I could ever have, and if they have a true passion for this field, they will love it as well.”

449 Recovery is proud to have Andrew Maloof as its Business Development Representative, and appreciates the inspiring passion and level of commitment he displays as he assists in the overall growth of the company and the impact on the lives of its clients.