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I remember a guy in one of my meetings years ago talking about smoking alcohol. He said it in such a way that he was trying to rile up the old-timers who had a problem with him talking about smoking weed. Little did he realize that one day, it would be taken literally.

Smoking alcohol has become something of novelty recently. Basically, you take a container, a cork, and a bike pump, and you are ready to get wasted…sort of…maybe….

Here is the thing: it is not only potentially fatal (alcohol is actually one of the most toxic substances to the human body to exist), it is difficult to do and, from some reports, really not all that effective.

Instead, as noted in the linked article, all the experience did was waste a lot of time, money, and effort to get a measly buzz that drove the writer’s accomplice to go smoke weed instead.

Apparently, it ironically takes a very specific set of tools that need to be MacGyver’d together to work right.

At that point, if you are going to get drunk, you might as well just drink the alcohol and cut the BS.

Not only that, though, but much of the danger associated with smoking (okay—really, it is vaporizing, but whatever) alcohol is that it bypasses the liver.

To a lot of people (myself included), that just meant that I’d get more messed up with less—which I considered to be a good thing. There could have been no more perfect an equation than “less chemical minus fewer organs equals stronger and longer high.”

But in this case, not only is the liver not getting a chance to do it’s job by filtering the alcohol, there is less of it to get into the bloodstream.

In short, it is just a really, really stupid concept.

As a recovering addict, though, I get it. I always wanted to try that latest new way of getting loaded, thinking that maybe this time I would have found my perfect combination of drug and delivery method, and finally, all my problems would vanish.

The only problem with that theory was that far-more-often-than-not, the opposite happened. More than once, I had incidents where I sincerely did not know whether or not I was going to come back fully from one of those highs—one of which Rodney and his family happened to be firsthand witnesses.

At that point in my using career, it took a lot for me to consider something “pitiful and incomprehensible demoralization,” but that one was surely one of those times.

The kicker? That was not the last time I did it, either.

That is what separates an alcoholic/addict from a normal person. A normal person would say, “I’m never doing that again—I’m done!”

The addict/alcoholic, on the other hand, says, “God I need a drink after that! Maybe if I just try it another way, it’ll go differently.”

The sad reality is that it never goes differently, and only the lucky ones find ways out of the madness. Whether smoking alcohol or doing something else equally ridiculous, there is never a way we can just get it to work for us.

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