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Covid19 has all of us stressed with changes we did not want. For those who are in recovery, this is doubly true, the stress and anxiety of the pandemic is high, and then the isolation ratchets it up even more. 

So, how do you protect your recovery during a pandemic? Rely on the tools you learned during recovery and adapted where you can, such as online communication, to keep from feeling alone and isolated. 

Six Tips to help you protect your recovery

We have four tips to help you protect your recovery during uncertain times, such as this pandemic.

First, rely on the tools you learned in recovery to cope with anxiety and stress and know your triggers. Keeping your anxiety and stress levels down will help you stay mentally and physically healthy. The healthier you are, the less chance you have of catching the virus. And if you do catch it, the higher your chances for beating it.

Second, fill your empty time slots with things that help you stay calm. Exercise such as yoga or journaling about your handling everything can help keep your stress and anxiety lower. Lower stress and anxiety levels will help keep your blood pressure down too.

Third, adapt to communicating via the internet or phone. Keep in contact with your sponsor and friends to help you stay accountable. You will feel less isolated and less lonely when you can skype or zoom, or even text chat with your friends, family, and sponsor.

Fourth, the alone time could allow you to return to a hobby or start a new hobby. You can learn about many things on the internet. It will enable you to begin a new hobby or exercise that you may find interesting.

 Fifth, stay accountable. Stay accountable using the internet or phone so that you are responsible to someone other than yourself. Knowing that you are answerable to someone will help you stick to your recovery and the tools you use to maintain sobriety.

Sixth, ask for help if you begin to crave the substance you used or feel your anxiety level is too high. We all need support, especially during uncertain times, such as this Covid19 pandemic. Asking for help can help relieve your anxiety and stress so that you can get through the pandemic without relapsing. 

What if you relapse

Relapse is not uncommon during regular times; the relapse rate increases during times of high stress, such as a pandemic. If you do relapse, return to rehab as soon as possible. Stop using it immediately. Use the tools you have learned until you can get back into a rehab center.

449 Recovery is open, and we can help you during this high anxiety, stressful time. We provide a clean, safe space for you to reach recovery. Call us today, (855) 435-7449, to learn more about how we are providing a safe and clean place during the pandemic for you to begin recovery.