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A rapid detox program is simply not a good idea. Orange county drug rehab center, 449 Recovery, has came out against the controversial procedure known as “Rapid Detox” suggesting the use of the procedure is reckless and dangerous for patients seeking quick and easy treatment for drug and alcohol addiction.

Company officials made it clear that quick detoxification programs should take the medical detox procedure seriously. Some rapid detoxification programs have come under fire with some recent fatalities linked to the practice.

“The idea of a rapid detox is not something that we approve of by at 449 Recovery,” Dr Alex Alva said from the California Drug Rehab facility in San Clemente. “There are several programs offering quick detox as a miracle treatment or an outside the box solution promising a quick and painless detox program. For those programs, we recommend that you stay away from any claim of this nature. Detox is serious and it has consequences, it’s certainly something we do not take lightly here at 449 Recovery.”

Some experts in drug and alcohol treatment programs feel the detoxification process itself can play a critical role in a recovery program. Citing the rigors and unpleasant effects of detoxification, many drug and addiction addiction specialists offer that part of the rehabilitation process must start with fully undergoing and feeling the pain and negative consequences commonly associated with drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

“The detoxification process gives an addict a chance to learn an important lesson in that it shows the harm that drugs and alcohol do to their body thus serving as a serious deterrent towards lowering the odds of future relapse.” Alva said.

“We strongly believe that if someone has the desire to seriously undergo and work through the act of recovery, they also need to understand what has been done to them in the first place,” offered CEO Rodney Robinson reinforcing Dr Alva’s thoughts. “In some cases, the memory of the detox experience itself can be scary enough to stop the cycle of drug and alcohol addiction.”

449 Recovery whose California drug rehab program offers around-the-clock care and supervision by qualified personnel in residential facilities takes the entire process of drug and alcohol detoxification seriously. While some programs offer one size fits all generic detoxification, 449recovery categorizes and offers specific detoxification programs according to the type of drug or drugs the addict has been using. Whether the addict’s drug of choice being methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, marijuana, or alcohol; the detox process is one that simply takes the appropriate amount of evaluation and time to complete when properly administered.