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Cocaine has earned a reputation as the most socially acceptable among all the hard drugs but as a leader in Orange County Drug Treatment we can unequivocally say this is an unfounded misconception. What was one known as the fun-loving, relatively safe party drug used on weekends has in fact been proven to be one of the most corrosive, damaging drugs in terms of negative impact on the human body. Make no mistake, cocaine and crack addiction can have deadly consequences.

Cocaine’s effects on the body are highly dependent upon the method of consuming the drug. For instance those who snort or sniff cocaine can expect holes to form in the septum(Rock Star Stevie Nicks Cocaine Habit for example) as the wearing down of cartilage that can lead to fungal brain infections. When injecting the drug, infections can result from using the needle at the entry site, which can also lead to abscesses as well as sepsis from gangrene not to mention the risk of hepatitis and AIDS from sharing needles. That isn’t even taking into consideration the standard effects of cocaine use. No matter how the drug is ingested, it causes increased pulse rate and heart palpitations, a rise in body temperature, and a decrease in inhibitions. Each of these can lead to death, whether it be heart attack, stroke, dehydration, or saying the wrong thing to the wrong person and ending up on the wrong side of assault thanks to cocaine’s false sense of bravado.

What’s the allure? Well, cocaine’s reputation, of course, makes it an appealing drug for some people who may view it as a status symbol because of the expense of the drug(comedians often joke that “cocaine is god’s way of saying you make too much money”).But you probably do not need to hear it from a San Clemente Rehab Center to know that any drug that will increase energy and offer the feeling of invulnerability and invincibility is always going to have an audience.

The coca leaf had been in use in South American culture for centuries for its appetite suppressing qualities. But it wasn’t until scientist were able to “supersize” the leaves effects that the trouble began. Sigmund Freud was an avid user of cocaine, and at the time, many researchers and leading scientists proclaimed that cocaine was actually “less addictive than potato chips” and we all know the story behind Coca Cola. But as time wore on, and people began to become addicted to cocaine, perceptions began to change.

Much in the same way prohibition and the gangsters in the 30’s profited from those with alcohol addiction; Cocaine fuels today’s drug trade and the inherent violence and brutality that comes with it. As the drug was made illegal and grew in popularity we saw the forces of organized crime take over the trade and to this day almost every type of drug trafficking-related atrocity can generally be attributed to the trade of cocaine.

49 Recovery are experts on cocaine, its effects, and the toll that it takes on users and their families alike. Some of us have experienced this firsthand, while others of seen the aftermath that the drug can cause. Regardless We have been on the frontlines of addiction recovery for decades, and as the innovative leader in OC Drug Rehab centers we have developed a drug and alcohol treatment program using the most cutting-edge and effective methods to help the addict or alcoholic achieve long-term success in recovery.

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