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Earlier this past week, we celebrated a true miracle. Rodney Robinson, our Founder and CEO at 449 Recovery, celebrated 25 years clean and sober. If you have never heard or read Rodney’s story, you owe it to yourself to do so! It is a truly inspiring story recounting the hardships that addicts and alcoholics endure, and in this case, also overcome with a strong program of drug and alcohol recovery.

Many people do not understand why milestones such as these are of such great importance to addicts and alcoholics. After all, we are not supposed to do drugs or drink excessively, so why all the commotion? Most of these people are also not alcoholics or addicts in recovery. Every day the addict or alcoholic does not succumb to the sirens’ song that the disease of alcohol addiction sings is a gift. It is not an accomplishment, as many feel it is, as no human power can relieve us of this affliction. It is by the grace of a loving Higher Power that we are able to live, one day at a time drug and alcohol free. Grace is defined as a gift given unwarranted, meaning that we by no means do anything to “earn” this gift. We are simply the blessed and fortunate recipients.

It is this grace that prompted Rodney to pursue his dream, which finally made manifest in the form of 449 Recovery. He wanted to see others receive the gifts that recovery offers to addicts, alcoholics, and their families, and in doing so, saved the lives of many. Many who felt as though they were lost causes suddenly found what had been alluding them for so long. It is a beautiful experience that cannot be described in mere words. Having worked in a number of Orange County drug and alcohol treatment programs over the years, 449 Recovery was Rodney’s own vision, formed from a strong program of recovery, coupled with a clinical background, and a strong personal Faith that demanded all people, no matter what they had done, what they believed, what they said; they were all worthy recipients of that gift given unwarranted, just as he and countless others before and after have been.

Those who have attempted to get clean and sober in the past know how humanly impossible such cravings and such obsessions are. They also know when someone has a gift for such a rare and desperately needed ability as that which helps others to manage these elements of drug addiction and alcoholism, not out of monetary gain, but because it is something that the person genuinely believes in and would do out of the kindness of his or her heart. It takes a unique type of person, a unique kind of individual, who can gain the trust and respect of even the most down-and-out alcoholics and addicts, and offer them a hope they had thought was long since dead and gone.

For 25 years now, those who at some point or another have been through an Orange County detox have been fortunate to have one of those indescribably few individuals in Rodney. This may sound somewhat high and mighty, but if you have never met the man yourself, in person, we can understand your skepticism. There are people, though, in this world, whom we meet and instantly know that there is something inherently different about them. There is an energy, force, aura, whatever you want to call it—that no one else has. When you find it, though, you recognize and acknowledge it’s unquestioned influence for this drug and alcohol rehab.

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