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Yeah, there is nothing remotely sketchy about online black market The Silk Road being reopened. It is not like the inevitable FBI takedown of the site and its owner was low profile or anything.

Not only is the site being reopened, but it is being reopened less than two months after the FBI shut down the site also. The login screen even comes complete with a “mockery” of the FBI notice when the agency took down the site.

No, there is nothing remotely suspicious about any of that.

While we are ardent opponents of addiction and the ravages it inflicts on people, we also understand what it is like to see the world as addicts and alcoholics. We get it. Oftentimes, an addict goes to some pretty crazy lengths to get high.

This, though…

The only way this could be more crazy is if there was a message on the login screen saying, “…and no, the FBI totally will not arrest you and do the exact same thing we did last time. Promise.”

Yet, upon launch, there were 500 listings for illegal drugs. Whether these were posted by the FBI or not makes little difference. What does make a difference is addicts doing what addicts do best: engaging in insane behavior thinking that somehow, this time will be different.

Even when all the red flags and mental sirens are going off—at least for me—it was still incredibly easy to write it off as being paranoid. More than once, that backfired, and backfired really badly. I would put too much importance on elements that had little or nothing to do with the outcome, but it still made sense in my mind because I was going to get what I want if it was the last thing I do, dammit!

Of course, many times, it probably should have been the last thing I ever did. Ultimately, without fail, I would look back and think, “Okay, maybe that was a little stupid. Next time, I will go into it a little bit wiser and learn from my mistakes.”

If I had really learned from my mistakes, I would not do it again. Addiction has a funny way coloring things, though.

Of course, this example of the online black market may seem kind of ridiculous, but how many times did we go to the same source or area looking to score, even when we knew that the area was a total bust? How many times did we deal with people we knew would give us up in a heartbeat at the mere hint that it could benefit them?

Yet, we still did it.

I have some bad news: if you are on the fence about whether or not you are an addict, and you identify with this line of thinking, the chances of you not being an addict or alcoholic are not very good.

If you think you might be an addict or alcoholic, or are not sure, give us a call—at worst, we get grateful for our own recovery.

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