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It has been awhile since we’ve done a blog for our OC drug rehab center, but all that—and more—is about to change. We have been exceptionally busy, and as a result, a lot of our online presence has taken a backseat to our real-world efforts. At the same time, though, we want to share the message and gift of recovery with all those who want it—whether they live near our Orange County drug treatment facility or not.

Anywhere an alcoholic or an addict needs help, we feel they should have the same chance at recovery as anyone in a major city should have. We have done a lot to make that possible, but we are going to go beyond that—reaching out in further areas of the online world (in accordance to the Traditions, of course) to bring the services our OC drug rehab has shared locally to those in all corners of the globe.

Part of that is reviving this very blog that you are reading now. Additionally, our Twitter and Facebook pages will be seeing a lot more updates, but there are a lot more to come too that we did not use in the beginning. We want to share and create a community here on this page to help those who do not have the means to make it to a meeting or talk to other alcoholics and addicts on a regular basis.

Fellowship is an important part of recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Without it, the world becomes a dark, lonely place, and more often than not, we return to the drinking and drugs from which we tried so desperately to escape. Even if we have a robust support system outside of recovery, the relationships that we form with other addicts and alcoholics are vital to long-term sobriety and cleantime.

Despite all of these changes, if there is one thing that addicts and alcoholics are familiar with, it is chaos. Now the dust has settled, and we are moving in a new direction to provide a wider and more varied range of blog and social media material to addicts and alcoholics the world over.

There is more to not drinking and using than not drinking and using, as they say. Luckily, Orange County drug rehab centers enjoy some of the best 12-Step meetings in the world, and our staff would know. We have gone to meetings throughout the world, and maybe it’s just our bias, but we think we have a pretty good deal going on here in San Clemente.

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