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If you are thinking about entering addiction treatment or have already started treatment, we have a list of some of the best books in 2021 for you to read.

These books will inspire you to enter or continue with treatment and recovery. The books will have meaning to those in Orange County, California, as well as anywhere else in the nation.

The top must-read books of 2021 are:

  • What are the odds? By Mike Lindell, Mike tells his story of losing everything with a crack addiction to recovery and becoming the CEO of his own business. Yes, he is the “my pillow” guy. What are the odds? From crackhead to CEO is an excellent book that takes you on the journey of both addiction and recovery.
  • Freedom From Our Addictions By Russel Brand will take you through addiction and how to recover told in a humorous, thoughtful, honest way. Russel also wrote Recovery about his addictions.
  • The Heart of Recovery By Doug Bopst takes you through the recovery process by interviewing people in recovery.
  • A Happier Hour By Rebecca Weller tells her story of alcohol abuse and how she set about breaking that cycle; and how it feels to live in a sober manner every day.
  • The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober By Catherine Gray tells her heartbreaking, gut-wrenching story of alcohol abuse and her dive into the uncharted territory of sober living, presenting the science of it all.
  • The Couch Of Willingness by Michael Pond and Maureen Palmer tells the story of addiction being a disorder that does not discriminate. Michael is a well-known, successful man who finds after two decades of helping addicts, he has become unable to deal with the pressure. 
  • Living with Co-occurring Addiction And Mental Health Disorders by Mark McGovern was written to help empower those dealing with addiction and co-occurring disorders so that they can decide which treatment program to use for their specific needs. 

Below are a couple of books for family and friends of addicts

Add to these books the books recommended to you in rehab, and you will have a better understanding of addiction, proof that recovery is possible for you, and hope that you too can maintain a sober life.

Most book stores like Barnes and Knobble in Orange County will carry most of these books. You can also order them from online sources, and do not forget to check your local library.

449 Recovery will add to this list of books during your treatment plan with them. 449 Recovery uses books, group, and individual exercises, and counseling along with several types of therapy to help you recover from your addiction or co-occurring addiction and mental health. If you are ready to start recovery, call us at 855-435-7449 today!