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The Mike Tyson addiction battle still continues. According to Tyson himself, the former champion boxer is still struggling with issues of addiction and alcoholism. He says that he now has six days clean and sober, and we hope the miracle continues.

In that same interview, Tyson says he wants to live a different life, and by acknowledging his problem on a public level, he is starting to make moves towards a clean and sober one.

As someone once put it, “There’s more to not drinking and not using than not drinking and not using.” Service not only goes a long way—it is vital to continued sobriety. In a way, Tyson is being of service by coming out on a public level and admitting his struggles, and particularly that he has been lying about being clean and sober.

It is not his past fame that makes this particularly noteworthy. No, by all accounts, it looks like everything on the outside is going well for Tyson. He is starting a new career as a boxing promoter, and has lost over a hundred pounds since weighing in at a whopping 380.

For most celebrities, we only hear about their struggles when the wheels fall off once again. “Iron Mike” was under no such scrutiny or suspicion that would lead him to reveal he is still actively struggling with addiction and alcoholism. He is being of service by showing that everything can look great on the outside, but a person can still be dying on the inside without anyone else knowing.

We hope he does well, because the desperation in his choice of words, knowing that he is on a path of destruction, with only his inner voice being a motive for sharing his true struggles, things must be very bleak.

In the far-off chance he were to read this (or anyone in a similar situation) there is some good news. First, there is always hope so long as we are still alive. Second, asking for help and knowing there is a problem are the only way addiction and alcoholism can be defeated. Finally, proving that a person can be rigorously honest with his- or herself, and being able to share that with another human being, is necessary to maintain long-term sobriety. Unfortunately, not everyone has that.

Make no mistake; there are no guarantees when dealing with an illness as insidious as addiction. It can doom us in any number of ways. However, if we are alive today, and we are honest about wanting to change and willing to do the work required to live that different life, there is a strong chance that it can be ours. Frankly, a chance at a new life is better than a certainty of death and misery.

Yes, Mike, it is a miracle that you have stayed sober this long. For any addict or alcoholic, a single day is a magnificent achievement. We are glad you see it as such. You are on the right path, but remember that fighting a war by yourself is a recipe for defeat; you stand a much better chance when you have an army with you.

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