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marijuanaAlthough marijuana has been legal for just over a week, shops in Colorado are already anticipating running out of stock.

While part of this depleted inventory is surely due to the novelty of buying marijuana in a shop, there are some peculiarities. For one, the laws make possession of personal amounts decriminalized. That sounds largely irrelevant. However, wouldn’t regular smokers of marijuana already have their own supply?

Assuming this is true, the purchases are primarily from people who otherwise would not be smoking weed. Assuming this is not true, why are pot smokers choosing to pay the exorbitant costs solely for the novelty—especially when many consider the laws to be the new norm?

Of course, there is no way for the police to track what weed came from what store. So what is stopping so-called “street weed” from becoming the new norm, as opposed to the regulated store-bought varieties?

While it is true that buying street weed is illegal, so, too, is buying store-bought weed—as far as the federal government is concerned. Although it may be a bit tin-foil-hat, that means there is still a major incentive for marijuana users, abusers, and addicts to buy their weed on the streets. As we have mentioned before, regulation means paperwork, and paperwork means records—written records. Especially for an emerging market such as recreational marijuana, that means security, which is often synonymous with video cameras.

This would not normally matter, but the DEA has still been raiding marijuana businesses under the guise of supposed links to Mexican drug cartels as recently as less than two months ago.

So who cares? This is a blog for a drug and alcohol rehab center. What does buying weed have to do with recovery?

Although I hate answering questions with questions, I must. Who in their right mind would decide to start buying marijuana from an establishment that almost certainly can be used to incriminate that person on a mere whim?

This is why recovery is so important. When all the excuses we might use fall away, we are still addicts. We might be able to white-knuckle sobriety or clean time, but ultimately, we succumb—without the help of our Higher Power. We might use the excuse of something like weed being legal to think that maybe we were going through a phase, or maybe that the legal problems we faced were the real problem. Perhaps drinking, heroin, crystal meth, or some other drug was our real problem.

Without a complete understanding and acceptance of our disease and what it does to us, that thought festers. That is the obsession. Ultimately, the obsession always wins out.

So, fellow addicts and alcoholics, if you feel squirrely, or like maybe a little weed would not hurt, pray, talk to your sponsor, go to a meeting, and be honest. Remember: regardless of how much time we may have, we are still addicts and alcoholics. The idea that you “shouldn’t” ask for help based on time is your disease—we don’t get better; only worse.

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